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gator smurph

this is why he can't play with smaller chuck it balls..

in the garden

she loves laying in the shade under the flowers. i think because little song birds will sometimes perch in the trellis she was looking up into. this is an outtake from her 52 weeks project.

eating grass or stalking murphy?

certainly not looking at me like i was asking...


just a little...


the golden is my aunt's almost 7 year old golden retriever. she and Murphy don't always get along perfectly, mostly because Costa spent 5 years being the only dog in the family that liked to fetch. sharing the fetchable isn't high on her list of priorities. luckily i have a cousin that is dog savvy and a dog that is dog savvy, so we worked on that a little this weekend. :)

cutest dog in the world? sure is.

he was pouncing on cottonwood fluff
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