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  • He's My Brother

    Portrait shoot of a couple of 'kids' (young men) that I've known since they were knee high to a grasshopper :)

  • Tonapah Motel

    May 2015...looks like it could be from the 60s

  • Tonapah Lincoln Mark V

    May, 2015 Apologies for the lapse in activity...catching up with you all soon!

  • Puppy Love

  • The Bookseller

  • She Walks on Rocks

    Cape Perpetua, Oregon

  • Ripples

    Alsea Bay, Waldport, Oregon

  • Barn Windows

  • The Visit

    A shot I am adding to my Kubrick's One Point Perspective set

  • Tattoo & Bike, Dublin 2012

  • Solitude. Killarney, Ireland

  • Leaves in Shades

  • Remembering a Friend

    Early in January, a homeless man died on the bench in the above photo, hastened by freezing temperatures. The homeless community turned the bench into a memorial, decorating it with branches, dreamcatchers, and other ornaments. This man was at the bench…

  • Morning Walk

  • Winter Walk along the Deschutes River

    Apologies to my contacts for being so out of has been interesting lately, including a tree falling on our house over the holidays. No one was hurt; the rest is simply material things :)

  • All The World's A Stage

  • Break Time

  • 20/100 Maleficent (Bekah)

    I met Bekah while on a photo shoot with six other photographers on Halloween night. We met in the lively Entertainment District in Portland, Oregon. While having dinner before hitting the streets, we met Bekah who was also having a meal before heading o…

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