Railway Remains

Among Richard's albums

  • DSC_1462

    The skeleton had adopted a slightly camp pose for our return visit.

  • DSC_1452

    Mish mash.

  • DSC_1470

  • DSC_1451

    Each tunnel contains a skeleton,

  • DSC_1458

    A rare* opportunity to see these two cars... and me.

  • DSC_1441

    North portal of the Pottiehill tunnel. I've seen conflicting reports of the tunnels' length so I took my GPS with me today. it appears they are both about 0.3 miles (525 yards) end to end as the crow flies.

  • DSC_2061

    Dr Beeching signs his handiwork in Glenfarg tunnel

  • DSC_2066

    Look at me, look at me!