Gumdrop Gas' photos

  • "Oooh!" Says the crowd.

    A photoshop of a golf shot I've had in mind for a while. I just needed a golfer.

  • Tractor in Fort Christmas, Florida.

    Point and shoot camera captures beautifully textured picture. I love rust!

  • He's a bit tied up.

    Someone has found a way to stop my son talking. Unfortunately it takes 8 people so I'll probably stick with earplugs.

  • Sunset in Florida

    Yes, I know I'm overusing the technique. I'm seeking therapy.

  • Florida in winter

    Deep in a swamp.

  • jimi lives man

    The very definition of a bad trip.

  • Look in the middle!

    Daniel Teklehaimanot, hero of Eritrea (MTN-Qhubeka) has a word with team leader and all round clean cut good guy Edvald Boasson Hagen

  • His majesty lord sir Bradley Wiggins....

    ..and some other bike riding guys

  • There's a new cliche in town

    Ullswater has a new photogenic jetty


    Aviva Tour of Britain

  • Sunburst Finish

    I think that last solo was a bit fast!

  • Be very afraid

    Not coming to a cinema near you.

  • I'm beside myself

  • There are some giant horses around here somewhere.

  • Pavement Poetry

    By noted Renfrewshire poet James Carruth.

  • 5 minute Photoshop

  • Sheilagh Hynd, best known as Fay Fife.

    The punk Banana Splits in action.

  • Willy's beach bar. Gulf of Mexico.

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