love_cats' photos

  • Rudy taking a bath

  • Behind the scenes...

    Rudy, my cousin dog.

  • Introducing Monica, my Huna

    Monica wear a lovely Milky Robot top and moshimoshi jeans, Uma a super cute vintage top. Bags are by Polly.

  • Introducing Monica, my Huna Moof

    Monica and Uma in the sun

  • giglio 1

  • Parker is here!!!!

    It's a rainy day!!!!

  • Parker is here!!

    She's so cute!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Maffy!!

  • it's a doll's life

    Clementine: But... that's me!!!!! Mum I'm in the magazine!!!!!!!! Me: That's true Clementine, it's you!!!!

  • it's a doll's life

    Let's see the new magazine!!!

  • lisa lovegood

    When I asked Erica to customize Lisa for me I told her that I wanted a "Luna Lovegood like" girl.... I love Luna!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And when I saw these Luna Lovegood inspired lion hats by Gaia I so wanted one for Lisa...... I was lucky.... so .... here's Li…



  • Morgan

  • Halloween 2011

    Hummmm... yes... I love redheads!!!!