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  • End to a perfect day. Sunset. Naples Florida. (#9875)

    Sunset Naples Florida this evening. In Florida this week the weather has been fantastic. A spectacular sunset to end this perfect day. It's been awhile since I've been around Flickr/ipernity friends. I plan to be online more come May... with reduction of…

  • "Is that Santa??? Santa's coming!!!!" (#6957)

    The 2 boys are anxiously awaiting Santa. Bailey....reluctantly. ;-)) 2 more in comments below. To all my flickr friends,Merry Christmas from Quinn, Jaspurr and Bailey. All the best for health and happiness in 2014. Thank you for your friendship.

  • "When you are sorrowful look in your heart, and you shall see that you are weeping for that which has been your delight."~ Kahil Gibran.~

    It has been one year ago today since I have lost my beloved Jake. He was my best buddy. One of those special cats that uniquely touch our hearts forever. This was one inexplicable bond between human and animal that I will probably never experience again…

  • "We drink this way. Got a problem with it?" (#2106) 1 more pic further down.

  • It's our 1st Birthday!!! (#9447)

    Quinn on left and Jaspurr on right are one year old today. Between Nov 15- 18. ;-)) This is the best approximate estimate the rescue people gave us… and what the vet said according to their initial baby teeth. Quinn is now a little under 10 lbs. Jaspurr…

  • Quinn up close and personal.

    Quinn (pictured) Jaspurr and Bailey all greeted me at the door purring after my 2 week stay in Florida. The best welcome home greeting ever! ;-)

  • 3 Cuddlers

    The "boys" finally cuddling together. ;-)) Bailey and Jaspurr cuddle in this bed a lot lately. Quinn is not doing it as much. He sniffs where Bailey has slept and leaves. (Quinn and Jaspurr used to exclusively nap together up until a couple of weeks ago.…

  • "Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because the dawn has come."- Rabindranath Tagore

    Dear friends. It is 6 months today that I lost my beloved Jake. It hurts as much today as it did that fateful day in December. "And God asked the feline spirit. Are you ready to come home? Oh, yes, quite so, replied the precious soul. And, as a cat, y…

  • Bailey to vet tomorrow. (#5333)

    Bailey is going to the Vet Tomorrow @ 1030 for vaccinations and his annual examination. I'm hoping the vet has some other suggestions for his indoor spraying and other litter box issues. I think Bailey has been depressed since loosing his brother Jake. Th…

  • Happy Caturday from Jaspurr and Quinn. (#1771)

    Jaspurr and Quinn cuddling. (sorry for the image quality. Snapped with iphone 4 S while they napped close to me. Have a great weekend everyone. (Off to sleep for me. Still working overnights.)

  • "What do ya mean your gonna cut them off!?"(# 6446)

    I just dropped Jaspurr and Quinn off at the vet to have their neutering and microchipping done. I choose the laser rather than scalpel method for the castration. They will stay over night and I will pick them up after work tomorrow AM. Will keep you post…

  • "Is it Caturday yet?" (#6334)

    Jaspurr we will be home in the wee hours of Sunday sweet boy! I can hardly wait. Have a great weekend and to all my American friends have a great Memorial day weekend. Leaving Florida late today. Will be back online sometime Sunday.

  • HFF (# 6831)

    Quinn just checkin' in.

  • "A tail of two kitties."(#7038

    Two Tail Thursday.. Sorry don't have Bailey's tail in pic or it would be a Three tail Thursday. ;-) Vacation winding down. Back Sun early AM. Just called home and the 3 boys are "ok." Bailey is still having letterbox issues. (he will see the vet ASAP. Ja…

  • Bailey the stalker.

    Now 13 he missed his brother JAke who died this past Dec.

  • Brother Bailey and his now deceased Brother Jake.

    Had them from 6 wks of age until Jakey died at 13. Bailey is lost w/out his Brother.

  • Jaspurr (#6704)

    Jaspurr is a Brother and litter-mate of Quinn. They were born the end of Nov 2012.

  • IMG 6719

    Quinn is a Brother and litter-mate of Jaspurr. They were born the end of Nov 2012.

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