John Steedman's photos

  • Nepali insectP1210029a

    In the Dudh Kosi valley between Lukla and Phakding

  • Nepali insect

    In the Dudh Kosi valley between Lukla and Phakding

  • IMG 0612b

  • Silverfish or rove beetle?

    I have been involved in a discussion on Flickr as to the identity of this insect. I thought it was a silverfish (Lepisma saccharina), but it has recently been suggested that it's a rove beetle? Any thoughts about this?

  • Hairy caterpillar

  • Hairy caterpillar

  • Tiny Moscow insect on my computer screen

  • P1050744 Acacia?

    Seen in Oman

  • P1190905a Caterpillar

  • Flower in Turtuk

  • Insect in Nagorno-Karabakh

  • Weed

    What is this weed which suddenly appeared in a flower pot? Sorry about the poor quality photo. Saltbush? Atriplex? Atriplex pusilla? Note the 20p coin intended to give an indication of size.

  • P1180182a insect

    Insect in Nagorno-Karabakh Here's an interesting and relevant extract from Wikipedia: Camptosomata are the case-bearing leaf beetles or camptosomates, named for their habit of carrying a case of waste material as larvae. This group consists of two subfa…

  • P1200372a spider

  • P1200384a spider

  • P1200365a insect

  • Happy Halloween!

    Photo taken in Sainsbury's supermarket, Dog Kennel Hill, London

  • Self portrait reflected in "Unknown" brass plate, Playfair Library, University of Edinburgh Old College building