Natassia Crystal's photos

  • No tanning spray :P

    Getting all French with the stripes.. ;-) Oh.. and I look a bit darker because I'm using my friend's make-up.. and her lipstick.. :P

  • Top, skirt and heels

    It doesn't get much simpler than this! :)

  • Sitting on the dock

    Only it's not in the morning, but in the evening with the setting sun. :) Mireille (taking the photo obviously) and I on our way to the inner city. Early in the evening, it was still nice and warm.. but around midnight, it was pretty cold. Fortunately, I…

  • Evil dark queen.. :P

    Yes... I say that with tongue in cheek.. but like playing a bitchy lawyer.. I would also love to play an over-the-top dark queen in a cheesy B-movie.. ;-) Ah.. a girl can dream, can't she?

  • Summer time!

    Reuploaded this for the avatar.. :)

  • Hello Ipernity!

    Well... Yahoo did the unthinkable and broke Flickr. Let's see how this will work out. :)