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  • finally on FB lol

    like my page for updates and such :D

  • BK

    letting this girl go for a good cause that's kind of personal. many thanks to anyone that can help!

  • Parsnip

    custom 112 (for jenniferabe)

  • Eudora

    custom 113 (for jenniferabe)

  • Tabitha

    Tabitha Pudding ~ custom #111

  • next FA girl

    working on her hair and then she'll be done :)

  • next FA girl

    working on her hair and then she'll be done :)

  • Slinky Pop

    new resin eye chips

  • refreshed

    new set of mismatched lime and yellow chips

  • Love her

    new resin eye chips

  • Slinky Pop

    So glad she came to visit but it's time to head home. I'll miss her! (she received a fresh face-up, new lid design, new lashes, & new eye chips while she was here)

  • I have a ton of contacts to add over here and I am behind! I feel kind of lost between the new flickr and this site but I'm going to add everyone over the next few days. I just wanted to make it clear that I'm not ignoring anyone <3 How is everyone liki…

  • I love her stock!

    I might need her too lol.

  • Crushin' on Wendy Weekender!

    I love everything about her!

  • Like my boots??

    I can't get over these things lol.

  • Milk ♥

  • My Little Helper

  • Ice Rune Boots ♥

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