mis ionawr / chwefror / mawrth | january february march 2015


02 Feb 2015 9 3 498
Sorry not to be around much. Now I have a new computer perhaps I'll begin to catch up. Many wintery images...I do like winter. Probably enough to keep posting winter until we are well into spring!

wyneb surface

lily eclipse

20 Mar 2015 6 491
I was hoping for a cloudless time during the eclipse - the fog at the start cleared to blue blue sky - so that I could catch the reflections via mirror balls and shadow & light through foliage - when the light comes through foliage there is a "pinhole" effect and you see the disc of the sun, so when an eclipse you see the eclipsed disc! I had a lot of fun - with help of Ma & Pa] but caught too much UV despite the moon getting in the way!

sunset reflected