Mis Gorffennaf | Awst | Medi 2014


05 Jul 2014 7 1 501
the chook run has amazing growth of dock & hogweed, hogweed is over 7 foot now. Heracleum sphondylium cymraeg: Efwr, ewr, mildail breton: Korz babous, kegid gouez, troad gwaz, korz prad, panez gouez cornish: Losow mōgh, evor hogweed


16 Jul 2014 15 5 585
I've been to the city

Gorfennaf // July

23 Jul 2014 11 6 555
Dactylis glomerata Cymraeg: Troed y ceiliog Breton: Geot an noz, teot pennou ouroun, geot gallek, yeot leton, pao gad, geot pennou teo, jognen Cornish: Gwels pa cülyek Cock’s foot, orchard grass

jac coch

19 Aug 2014 14 5 743
Sorry I have been abit absent - other life - real life? intervenes epilobium angustifolium L. chamerion angustifolium (L.) Holub the school holiday flower...starts to burst into flower as the holidays approach and then is fluffing seed for the return in September! When I was a child I could see a rural red telephone box with a bank of rosebay willow herb above it. Cymraeg: milwr coch, llysiau'r milwr, jac coch, helyglys hardd, chwynnyn tân cornish: helygles tēg rosebay willowherb, slinkweed, blooming sally, fireweed, bombweed (looks like fire, grows where there have been fires or forest clearances)

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