back stairs


back stairs

21 Jun 2014 16 7 479
gwyl lenyddiaeth Dinefwr Dinefwr literary festival

wyneb surface

lily eclipse

20 Mar 2015 6 489
I was hoping for a cloudless time during the eclipse - the fog at the start cleared to blue blue sky - so that I could catch the reflections via mirror balls and shadow & light through foliage - when the light comes through foliage there is a "pinhole" effect and you see the disc of the sun, so when an eclipse you see the eclipsed disc! I had a lot of fun - with help of Ma & Pa] but caught too much UV despite the moon getting in the way!


11 Jul 2015 10 5 470
I do still exist... been away a couple of times, this is a diptych from one of the aways...

evening light

25 Sep 2015 15 5 449
do you remember when it wasn't raining and muddy?

golau or nail

15 Feb 2016 12 4 361
I have continued an absence - also not very present on that other photo sharing site! Much wet and grey ...and mud. But now and then there is light and the days lengthen


02 Jan 2017 1 1 262
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