Barbie Lindsay's photos

  • From Rowhedge across to Wivenhoe

  • Oil Legged Beetles coupled on what?

    Oedemera nobilis

  • Brown Argus

    Went to Wivenhoe's Local Nature Reserve today and it was hot. But before I melted, I managed to get a shot of this Brown Argus butterfly. Then we went to cool off by the river with a cold beer in the lovely village of Rowhedge :)

  • Comma butterfly

    If I was to suggest a starting point for anyone interested in photographing Butterflies, then this is the one I would recommend. It seems to be at rest far longer than most and not so easy to disturb. Hence my favourite native species.

  • Meadow Brown

  • Speckled Wood

  • Heron

  • Diving Duck

    A Tufted Duck

  • Identification needed as I haven't got a clue

  • Final stage nymph Green Shield Bug

    Palomena prasina

  • Mating Reed Beetles

  • Nettle Weevil

  • Mating Soldier beetles on Ragwort Plantain

  • Damsel bug?

  • The Artist at work

  • I live in Ipswich but my heart beats in Camden

    I never tire of it and always see new and interesting things to photograph every time we go. (Which is approximately once a month)

  • Amy down on the pavement

    Real transient Art, as it's been done in chalk

  • Say No More

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