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  • Care/Face

    fun in the sun with Moz & Face. 9.7.13

  • spaghetti junction

    good day in Stoke with the NTRPRNRS boys...Shouts to Tea1 and Big Riz .

  • Care

    Good day in Stoke with TeaOne,Reasm,Riz,Beta,Nates & the NTR boys,bit scrappy but only 2nd of the year so happy to be painting again,especially in good company at a cool spot,cheers Threen,,,shout out to Nick too.

  • Leake St.

    Quick one whilst passing through...

  • Kare Tea One.

    After Moz very kindly mulshed the wall the previous day,arrived to find it had all washed away so was happy with how this turned out...cracking day with a hung over Moz,TeaOne on character duty,Reasm Pims and Rizo. 3 in the last 4 weeks,should do me now t…

  • Care Chrome

    Nice chilled afternoon in the rain with TeaOne & Pims,was dark and wet all day so kicked the emulsion into touch and quick chromes the order of the day...

  • Care Stoke

    Good day in Stoke with my partner in crime Tea1 and Reasm,nice one Threen & the NTR boys for the invite,great spot lads you dropped some cracking pieces along with the NFA crew, Dasr & Rels. Only fourth this year so happy to of kept it pretty clean,might…

  • erac

    Quickie at the bboy jam in St Helens.alongside Tea & Reasm,shout to Beta for the invite and all i spoke to...sat at home caked in aftersun now with a bright red bonce...sun glare didn't help my photography skills either.

  • Care

    Fun in the sun in a beer garden,,,couldn't ask for much more...RIP MCA

  • Reasm Care Preston 2012

    Dodgy back and good chance of rain so quick and simple the order of the day. Good to catch up with Reasm and nice one for mulshing mate,shouts to Ski318 who passed through.... *poor pic till i get some batteries for my camera*

  • Southport in the sleet

    Had big plans but they went out the window after falling over that barrier and landing on a full can of illuminarty with such force i squashed it,rolling round in that puddle like a tortoise that had been put on its back,still in pain now 2 days on,then w…

  • off the mark at last!

    Good to get one under the belt at last,been about 5 months and didn't it feel like it... Lazy fill as was bloody freezing and monty gold was taking ages to dry...onwards & upwards.

  • Erac NSA

    Quick sat morning dreg blaster with Tea,Muka & Reasm...good to catch up and get a paint in at last after all the recent rain,will be a good day when i finally finish off these blues and get some full cans.

  • Acre closeup.

    Jumbling the letters once again,good day with Tea 1,was supposed to take a trip to Cardiff but the weather forcast predicted rain so played safe with sunny Blackpool instead...Was nice to outline in red for a change(monty gold Ketchup) but steer clear of…

  • Erac...Dreg Buster.

    Trying different things,so a bit hit & miss but happy with most of it,need a decent camera though as a lot of colours aren't picked up...Shout to Reasm Krux Nates & Ders,good day even if it was windy as fuck,good to see Tea & Muka killing it on the typogr…

  • Virgin Walls...

    Great day in Liverpool,last minute thing so happy with this,especially as i had a shortage of colours...Big up to my wingman Tea One for the ride and those i spoke to today including Dead Beta Rask Smug Cruel Bref Alert Epok Bonzai Kak Sin Pese & Snot...C…

  • care

    should of started earlier,so much still needs doing to the fill & background but run out of time,get up earlier next time...shout to Tea,good company as ever bro...

  • Care NSA

    great day in the sun with Tea and Ski 318,my painting partner back in the 80s,good to see him rattlin the cans again...great spot but awkward for pics.

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