James Clay (Boom-Stick)'s photos


    Chapel Point outflow, Chapel St Leonards, Lincolnshire. August 2012

  • Harvesting the Evening Light

    Ingoldmells, Lincolnshire, August 2012

  • Yarn Bombed!

    A colourful surprise while on my lunch hour in Nottingham’s Old Market Square today. A-Level Textile Design Student, Nikki Charlesworth has “Yarn Bombed” the iconic Left Lion as part of her A-Level exam, by covering it in crocheted and knitted panels. S…

  • Blue-tailed Damselfly

    A quick upload for my profile picture. Hoping to see a few more old Flickr contacts on here soon

  • Dusk Harvest

    Well, the sun sets on the once great Flickr community. Many thanks to ipernity for the warm welcome. I hope to see a lot of my old Flickr contacts on here soon. Lets help make ipernity as great as Flickr once was! Ingoldmells, Lincolnshire 2012