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  • Hi mom

  • friends will be friends

  • And yet, so much still to discover and learn <3

  • going Balloons ^_^

    with some butterflies

  • soon for Powderpuffdolls <3

  • Sabine with better light <3

  • New sets - only two available now

    see my profile ^_^

  • almost there

    my stock collection is almost finished, well i never wanted to have all the stock girls, only the ones i really like as i don't have that collector spirit ^_^ Momolita arrived a few days ago after a long awaiting time at the customs office.

  • Balloons <3

  • Emma1 wants to say: Thank you auntie Pipa

  • Totoro girl is Looking for LOVE

    See her album and in my profile for more info

  • it's funny when you can choose ^_^

  • 'Asia' themed girl for Manon

  • See you Tomorrow <3 Thank you for your love you all <3

  • Powderpuffdolls OOAK custom Blythe Doll - POMPOM

    for you are unique, you are one of a kind

  • Sabine and i wishes you all a great Day <3

    she is looking for more love ^_^ see profile for more details

  • Look momy, there are so many stars up in that sky ...

    raise the volume of your speakers close your eyes and have fun dreaming

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