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blonde on blonde

Bee and Doe twin it up in La Petite Pamplemousse and their Matins :) Mel and I had another dolly sleepover recently and had a fab time styling up the girls, I love our pure unadulterated dolly time I never get the time on my own to have a serious play!


Hi I am new on here, but been on Flickr for 2 years, hi friends!


PAM! I did not mean to buy her I promise! It was a moment of madness but I am glad I am mad as she is totally divine. I've always had a thing for teal girls, having housed an Alexis Emerald and a lovely factory AE lookalike I realised that it was only a PAM who would fill my teal coloured gap, but as she is a Princess with a price tag to match I've had to be patient. Thanks to my partner in crime, Kittenlash, I managed to snag one unopened and brand new at an amazing price! It was a case of click now think…


Mimi: "Why are we all dressed up, is it Christmas?" Betty: "No, Mimi, I think it's a very special person's birthday today!" Mimi: "Me?!?!" Betty: "Nope, guess again.." Mimi: "You, Clare, who, who?!" Betty: "It's Mel!" Mimi: "YAY, let's PARTY!" Betty & Mimi: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mel we can't wait to see you and give you our presents!!! We hope you have a super special day!"

Hello Girls!

I had a little splurge cos I could not resist these two! The first Middie I have ever had to have! And little Punthic People Petite is so glam! The only problem now is getting a little wardrobe together for Claudine, the Middie - oh no, what a chore :D She is a little French girl but wanted to wear this fabby Union Jack dress by Pipparot to celebrate!

Fashion tips

Bourbon asks Doe for some fashion tips as she is a bit of a tomboy and doesn't really 'get' fashion! Doe lends Bourbon her Funny Bunny dress but Bourbon is still unsure. Bourbon you rock in that outfit! Bourbon is such an insecure little Kenner! Yes Doe, you rock too in your dreamy Inomi dress don't worry! :D


Betty has been neglected and needs some love, so I let her wear my new sundries purchase, I think she knows I love her now <3
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