• Operetta and BB

  • Freya and Stitch

    My beautiful new Clawdeen (Freya) :) I've been after this particular doll for a while now

  • Frankies

    My newest Frankie (left), with my first Frankie :)

  • Red and Black

    I love displaying these girls together. They've always been given such interesting clothes, and colour schemes :)

  • Operetta

    I finally got my hands on the Asda exclusive Diener Operetta. She's normally expensive, and comes with a play set, and another doll . But I managed to find her separately on ebay :)

  • Some redressing :)

    I was actually about to sell Scaris Frankie (the one in the middle), but decided to redress her instead. And I'm so glad I did, because I really like her in this outfit :)

  • New dolls!

    I got Wave 1 Ghoulia for Christmas :)

  • New dolls!

    I now have Sweet 1600, Scary Tales, 13 Wishes, and Forbitten Love Draculaura :)

  • New dolls!

    Honey (in the middle) was an Xmas present from my lovely friend Tania :) And Twyla (the little one) was bought from another friend.

  • Arya and Stitch

  • Abbey, Clawdeen, and Clawdia

  • New Wrappings

    Cleo got some new Egyptian inspired threads today :)

  • My Ghouls

  • Ghoulia and Julia

  • Julia and Apple

    The girls got some new fashion today, and they look great in it :)

  • Ladies

    My girly girls

  • Mina

    My Skull Shores Draculaura, in her pretty new dress :)

  • Frankies

    I've moved my little monsters into my cabinet for the time being. I wanted to try and display them differently. Plus I needed the shelf for my wedding set-up :)

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