Posted on 07/01/2013

Photo taken on July  1, 2013

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A Smidge of Midge

A Smidge of Midge
Sylvia introduces Connie to the new girl.

Syliva: "Connie, this is Midge, she'll be working here from now on"

Connie: "Hi, it's nice to meet you!"

Midge: "Hello Connie, it's great to see who I'll be working with"

Syliva smiles: "Well, I'll be getting back to work, I'll leave you two to chat"

Connie: "So, where are from? I mean, I haven't seen you around here before"

Midge: "Ohh, Malen. Way out in the country"

Connie: "Cool, hey I know someone from Malen. Actually, she's a good friend of mine. Diamat Hanson"

Midge: "You know Dee-Dee?! No way! We schooled together! Hey, how is she doing? I haven't heard much from her since, umm, you know... Her folks sent her off"

Connie: "Oh yeah... She's doing great! Did you hear she's getting married soon?"

Midge gasps: "Really?! To the guy she was seeing? But her Ma and Da were really bent on keeping her way away from him"

Connie: "Yeah. They're probably none too happy about it, but she's happy"

Midge: "Huh... Well, I did get a look at him, and to be honest, my folks wouldn't be able to keep me from that!"


Sorry I've used the same background for the last three pictures... To be honest, I haven't been feeling all that up for this lately. I'm sad to say it, but I most likely won't be continuing my stories into the next year. It's not that I don't have any more ideas, it's just I'm not feeling satisfied with what I can do. I would really love to build dioramas to upgrade things... But I just don't have the space to do that. And a doll house is really out of the question too... So I don't really know what else I can do. I'll still be taking pictures, and nobody is getting rehomed. But I'll have to wrap up the story eventually.

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I don't have the space either (or energy!) to build elaborate dioramas. But I just put up a foam board, pin a paper to it and put out a sofa or a table or something and make sure I stay inside the limit of the foamboard, then I take it all down when I am finished. Pretty quick and I can use the same foamboard for the next picture and don't have to store a lot of pieces.

I love your Midge, I sooo want one! Are they already in stores in England?
6 years ago. Edited 6 years ago.
Cessendra22 has replied to LinaPina
It may sound silly, but what is foam board? I don't think I've ever seen it around here. But I'm definitely interested in getting hold of some. It sounds like something like this would be a good solution for me :) Thank you for suggesting it Lina. Oh, and Midge is currently a Toys r Us only doll in England. But some have said she'll be showing up in another store too.
6 years ago.
LinaPina has replied to Cessendra22
Not silly - foam board is also called Kapa or foamcore, it's very lightweight, not too expensive, you can use it to mount photos on. Or build dioramas ;-) see these links

6 years ago.
Cessendra22 has replied to LinaPina
Ahh, so that's what it is :) I've never seen it around here before, but I'm sure I can find it online. Thank you for the links. I'll let you know if I set anything up with this :)
6 years ago.

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