Robert Malcolm's photos

  • Fascinate 2

    Everything but the girl

  • Conned

    My flickr protest.

  • Dark Bells

    Despite the sun's bright light they herald dark, with shades of looming night.

  • Cakebox3

    Invisible cakes - well, cakes that you can't see because they're in boxes.

  • Blown Up Out of All Proportion

    Students in Chester practice "safe sex doll". Much better than blowing something up with Semtex.

  • No Waiting

  • Lantern Cake

    I doubt very much that this will make the cut for Aspen Sachs, but I had the cake, the lantern and the candle; it was dark outside and I needed a break from editing. At least I finished by midnight.

  • Pinks

    Simple flowers bring simple pleasure.

  • Nature Reserve

    I wanted to share some of the very special sights that I saw during a 20 minute walk through Stanney Woods nature reserve.

  • Turn Down the Bright

    Once again Leo participates in the Sunday Bed-in, but the mornings are becoming too bright for him.

  • Forget

    Forget us not, give us a bell later.

  • Spectrum

    At which end of the rainbow lies the pot of gold?

  • Hiya Cynth

    Silly Monday. I just like the light.

  • Questions to be Answered

    Before the spelling police strike, I know that Louisiana has 2 'a's and that there will be an Inquiry, not an Enquiry. It is, in mitigation, intended to depict a children's game, since they are the ones who will be most affected by the legacy we leave.

  • Lemon Risotto

    Lemon and Parmesan Risotto with pork steak and garden peas - simple but satisfying food.

  • Sunday Morning

    Sunday morning is a serious business for Leo. Between taking out the Weimaraners, having coffee, breakfast, taking and planning photographs, checking emails and reading the Times, there's one constant presence on the bed. Leo.

  • Just One Gust of Wind

    Remember trying to tell the time with these?

  • Early Riser

    View large for detail. Spot the spectrum!

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