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    - oops

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    Namias' sepiaprint, as per Ned's lead. On acidified Fabriano Artistico HP 140lb - good exposre, slightly dull highlights

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    Namias' sepiaprint, as per Ned's lead. On acidified Daler Mixed Media paper - good exposure but some stains

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    Namias' sepiaprint, as per Ned's lead. On unacidified Daler Mixed Media Paper, underexposed.

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    Namias' sepiaprint, as per Ned's lead. On acidified + washed Daler Mixed Media paper, overexposed.

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    a quick cyanotype from the previously posted negative.

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    - tweaked a bit to look "normal", negative is rather dense and contrasty as intended for alt prints

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    - another experiment ... modified 1960s Polaroid "Swinger" camera, 1940s Ilford HP3 glass plate (¼ plate), exposed for 2mins and stand developed in Rodinal for 90mins in a tray ...

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    adhoc snap of a salted paper print. I wanted to print a tiny fragment of a 35mm frame, but couldn't make a big enough enlargement onto regular paper in my setup. So instead, I enlarged it onto lith film as a positive at about 6x6cm, then enlarged that ag…

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    Polaroid Colour Super Swinger, non working shutter ... ... dismantled it, removed the shutter, used a home-made ground glass to establish the proper film plane, fashioned a lens cap from duct tape and cardboard, put an Ilford HP3 quarter plate in (manufa…

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    handheld (braced) several seconds exposure 1930s voiglander bessa ancient foggy nitrate film stock. d23

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    Made as part of a collaborative art project

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