Senor Roboto's photos

  • Daddy and Aunt Alma

    My father-in-law Milton Haynes (aka Daddy) and Aunt Alma. Aunt Alma is his mother's half-sister. On the first Saturday of every month my wife and father-in-law head to Chicago's West side to identify family photos from her grandmother's collection.

  • Daddy and Aunt Alma

    Aunt Alma is using her new favorite toy, a light-up magnifying glass, to identify people in family photos. They're both hard of hearing, and shouting is common in these sessions.

  • Chester Daruszka - Virginia Arendt

    Wedding photo of my parents.

  • Stanley Daruszka - Wanda Perdziak

    My paternal grandparents.

  • Bernard Arendt - Clara Krygier

    Wedding photo of my maternal grandparents

  • Stanley Daruszka - Wanda Perdziak

    Wedding photo of my paternal grandparents. Wanda died in 1942 when my Dad was 17.

  • JW Clement Pressroom

    JW Clement was a major priniting company with several plants in Buffalo, NY. This photo is of my Dad and his pressroom coworkers

  • Chester Daruszka 1925-2008

    Thinking about dad on this Father's Day. .

  • Carman Parker

    Duane looks up as Roboto takes his picture. Aside from maintaining Metra Electric trains, he plays in the band East-West.

  • 4 Caballeros

    A mini Wisconsin Central reunion at the Center for Railroad Photography and Art's annual conference in Lake Forest, IL. From left to right: Ray Weart, Andy Taylor, Brian Buchanan, and Senor Roboto.

  • Mary Lou

    Remember Polaroid cameras? Taken in 1976 on the Honeymoon from Hell/Roadtrip to Wisconsin. Mary's first (and last) attempt at camping. I had to take her to a 4-star hotel in Montreal the next year to make up for it.

  • The homeowner

    Fortunately for me it was Mary's birthday and we were spending the day out. Otherwise I would be working on some repair project.

  • The birthday girl

    We're off to breakfast.

  • Mary Lou

    Breakfast at The Skillet.

  • Lucas and Ben

  • Beth, Ken and Lucas

  • Ken and Jill

  • Pork Chop

    Waiting for a morsel to fall.

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