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  • Parting Shot

    My last shot of this day's trip. A broken up and barely recognizable tortoise laying on the white clay badlands floor. It was a good day.

  • In The Shade

    By this time I was getting pretty worn out from walking and it was getting hot out as well, so I was happy that I was almost back to my truck so I could go back home.

  • Four Stones

    Four stones in a row just below the big hill. Nothing special about them, I just found that they attracted my attention...so I shot them.

  • Teeth

    Some teeth in a broken up jaw fragment...a fairly common find.

  • Copolite - Trace Fossil

    Trace fossils are ones that are not directly that of the animal, thing like footprints, or in this case, feces...shit, turds, etc., for those not familiar with the scientific, and polite, descriptive terminology. I first found one piece of it, then lookin…

  • A Notch

    I found myself on a higher plain and needed to get back down so I could get through that wind tunnel and back to my truck, so this notch was handy for me to climb through to get back down there.

  • More Hills

    Heading towards more hills so I can walk around and see what's there.

  • Young Fossil Tortoise - collage

    A collage of the three close up shots of the young fossil tortoise.

  • Young Fossil Tortoise - 003

    Turning the specimen over to what I think is the bottom of the carapace.

  • Young Fossil Tortoise - 002

    A view from the side into the matrix where, if you look closely, you can see some of the internal bones and pieces of leg bones.

  • Young Fossil Tortoise - 001

    It didn't live very long before it died, probably buried during a flash flood 30 million years ago. I think this is the top of the carapace.

  • Two Fossil Tortoises

    A large one, all broken up lays near the top of the hill, and a small younger tortoise fossil is near the bottom of the photo...I'll take a closer look, and pics, of that one.

  • 20mm Belt Link

    A link from a machine gun ammo belt that fell from the sky many years ago when the Air Force used this area for gunnery practice. Decades ago I used to see tons of these as well as bullets and cartridges laying all over the place, but tourists have picked…

  • Many Stones

    The stones flock to the floor and huddle together like living things.

  • Nice Day

    As the morning progressed it became warmer and a pretty nice day overall. Of course, the setting and scenery helped out a whole lot.

  • Don't Trip

    Taking a trip is a good thing, but tripping and falling down isn't. Hummmmm...this reminds me that I need to go buy some cement and fix my sidewalks at home.

  • Looking Westward

    A view in a generally western direction from my position. I kept having to refocus my attention to where I was, as I found my mind wandering off to all the surrounding places where I wasn't. I have been to those far hills in the background, but not the ar…

  • Fossil Toe Bone - 002

    Another view of the joint. Another piece of it is still on the ground below my hand, but the rest of the animal's fossilized remains are long gone.

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