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  • My4thOfJuly2016

  • 112015 The Last Viking

    Two Crows and a Viking

  • 102815GoStay

    "Should I Stay or Should I Go" (The Clash) came to mind....

  • Trtl589

    Took this six years ago. I can still remember it. Where and when. I doubt I could without a picture. The wonders of photography!

  • 071309MrtnSlhtt

    The memories Of The Purple Martins Stay with me Always

  • 42415 Spot The Bald Eagle

    The eagles have their very own favorite tree. I have seen them/he/she? go for the exact same spot many occasions. And I've seen the adult(s) chase away younger ones trying to use the spot. No nest there. Just viewpoint. Can you spot the bald eagle?

  • 42415 Fossils N Mites

    Seems like fossilized plant-parts. A closer look reveals some tiny mites running around. I counted 5 of them.

  • MelhusNatur

    My current desktop background. Derived from a picture taken Sept.10 2013.

  • 42415 Mock Strawberry

    Looks tasty, but is tasteless, and white inside. "Duchesnea indica (sometimes called Potentilla indica), known commonly as mock strawberry, Gurbir, Indian strawberry or false strawberry" (Wiki)

  • 42115 African Mahogany Norwegian ostehøvel

    Beautiful textures in this handle made out of African Mahogany. For those unfamiliar with the utensil, it's a Norwegian cheese slicer. I'd think every household in Norway has one (or more).

  • 41715Vultures

    Now, that's quite a big family of vultures. How many?

  • Vassfjellet2013

    A View w/effects

  • P3220003

    Not much to watch, but well worth a listen

  • 072414Sunny

    Makes me smile.....

  • Side Armadillo

    The Armadillo, a natural beauty!

  • Front Armadillo

    A fantastic creature. A gifted digger, and a survivor in a natural habitat. But a looser on the roads.

  • 041215 Black Vultures

    Quite a view this flock of black vultures. I counted 39 of them. WIKI: "The black vulture is a fairly large bird of prey, measuring 56–74 cm (22–29 in) in length, with a 1.33–1.67 m (52–66 in) wingspan. Weight for Black Vultures from North America and th…

  • 080614 Viceroy

    Beautiful creatures, threatened by poisonous farming chemicals.

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