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  • Cold Winter Sun

    Driving home after taking the puppy for a hike on the Sourdough Trail I noticed the sun was really having to work to get through the clouds. That, and the low-hanging clouds filling Coal Creek Canyon made it feel other-worldly, definitely didn't feel like…

  • Altitude

    Standing at "Altitude", atop One Raffles Place, looking out to the Marina Bay Sands hotel, Singapore. Turns out the phone doesn't take such bad night photos!

  • Ready for take-off

    A very last-minute trip brings me to Kuala Lumpur and my evening wandering led me right to the Petronas Towers. I wasn't alone with the camera either, the place was mobbed with photographers, it was fantastic. Sized large for wallpaper, enjoy.

  • Touch of highlights

    On the drive into Boulder up Highway 93. Sized large for wallpaper, enjoy.

  • Memories of Summer

  • Desert Moonrise

    Moon rising over Arches National Park as seen from camp. Geo-tagged and sized large for wallpaper, enjoy.

  • Reflections of fall

    Geo-tagged and wallpaper size, enjoy.

  • Threemile Creek

    Geo-tagged and sized large for wallpaper, enjoy.

  • Golden Sun

    During Sunday's hike with the puppy. Didn't expect many colors (figured with the snow a few days before everything would be on the ground) but it really worked out. Geo-tagged and sized large for wallpaper, enjoy.

  • Tall Colors

    Took the puppy for a nice hike up Threemile Creek (off Guanella Pass) today and managed to catch a few fall colors on the tall aspens (also caught ice in the fast-flowing creek, those pics are coming soon.) Geo-tagged, enjoy.

  • Marcellina Mountain

    Driving up Kelber Pass (from the Paonia side) the landscape becomes dominated by Marcellina Mountain. Geo-tagged and sized large for wallpaper, enjoy.

  • Beckwith Mountains

    East Beckwith Mountain (left), and West Beckwith Peak (right), taken across the Lost Lake Slough (off Kebler Pass.) Went chasing some fall color and was a few days early but still got some color and snow on the peaks. Geo-tagged and sized large for wall…

  • Crystal Clear

    The morning after a snowfall found Jenn and I tromping through the snow up a closed-to-vehicles forest service road. The light hit the frozen grass just right, it sparkled and danced in front of us. Geo-tagged and sized large for wallpaper, enjoy.

  • James Peak

    3 exposure HDR of James Peak, near Rollinsville Colorado. Sized large for wallpaper, enjoy

  • The dog

    Chai did exceptionally well hanging out in Vedauwoo. She scrambled up rocks I thought for sure I was going to have to help her up, she got to chase 5 kids around for 2 days, and was generally awesome. She's growing up to be the dog I've always wanted.

  • The walk out

    Heading back to the truck after a great day of climbing and zip-lining in Vedauwoo.

  • The morning after

    Got up early to let the puppy out of the tent. It was worth it.

  • Preparing to Launch

    Eagle-eyed Jenn spotted this hawk out in the field on the drive back towards camp. I parked the truck and jumped out with my 200mm lens, walking toward it slowly. It finally had enough of my approach, stood, stretched out it's wings, then flew off.

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