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  • Lori's photoshoot

    One of the most risque bikinis Lori has ever modeled...the famous "Just for Show" bikini. As you can see, it leaves nothing to the imagination.

  • Special delivery

    Some of Lori's micro bikinis are no larger than your average postage stamp. If you look closely, you'll see that this black one piece maillot is adorned with pictures of postage stamps from around the world.

  • New speedo!

    It was 65 degrees today, so we headed to the park with Lori's newest swimsuit, a one piece blue lycra speedo. I asked her what the lifeguard emblem meant and she smiled and replied she could give mouth to mouth...so she demonstrated! More suits are on the…

  • Another view...

    By popular request...here's another look at Lori's new Ocean Pacific metallic gray string bikini. The back is a non-thong, which means this is the LEAST material she can wear safely to a crowded beach this summer without getting into trouble...if that's a…

  • New Bikini!

    Lori was suffering from cabin fever...she says the best cure for it is a new bikini! She selected a metallic gray string bikini from Ocean Pacific and wants to show it off at the beach as soon as the weather warms up (which she hopes is soon)!

  • More bikini time!

    Selected by Michael: Lori's bikini pictures are all so great, it's always so difficult to pick a favorite! In this one we find her lounging in the family room with the snow covered deck in the background. She is modeling her homemade aqua/teal micro teard…

  • Bikini time!

    Selected by Lori: This is one of my favorite bikini pics that we photographed in our basement studio about a year ago. Michael said you wouldn't mind seeing it again. Hope you like it! XXX -Lori

  • Last days of summer

    Perhaps one of the last warm days of the season... Lori looks wistfully at the waves on the lake, in a fluorescent multi-colored one piece swimsuit. Who knows what new bikini adventures await her next summer?

  • Iced tea break

    Lori keeps fit by hiking the nature trails...and some iced tea makes a nice thirst quencher at the end of a long hike in the park. Maybe we should head for the beach next to cool off...

  • Little mermaid

    New bikini! Lori saw this sparkly turquoise micro thong bikini and had to have it. "The whole left side is missing...I love it!" she said. Indeed it shows off her nice athletic figure very well. We took these at our "secluded" cove, interrupted only by a…

  • It's greek to me....

    In the style of a Grecian slave tunic, Lori's new mini-dress hides very little of her lithe petite body. "I'd love to wear this to a toga party," she smiled. "It's silky and comfortable, and slips on and off very easily!"

  • Field of Dreams

    Play ball! Lori and I visited a local ball field for some Fourth of July fun. Michael: "Did you know that Abner Doubleday is said to have invented baseball in 1839?" Lori: "How nice! Did his wife pose for him too?"

  • Orange cream dream

    A new bikini and cover provide the focus for an afternoon photo session. Our neighbors enjoyed it as much as Lori did!

  • Let's go to the park!

    With temperatures in the upper 70's, the park called to us...and as we hiked through the forest, Lori stripped down to her new blue slingshot bikini. I'm glad I had my camera with me!

  • Lori's valentines surprise

    Lori's valentines present...a Breakers one piece thong swimsuit. She opened it up and said "I love it...there's almost nothing to it!" It's cold outside now, but these photos may help you imagine what she'll look like on the beach this summer!

  • Walk in the park

    Yesterday, we walked the park in 50 degree temperature and clear skies. Today it's SNOWING! Grrrr.... Oh well. that's Wisconsin...

  • Speedo Lori

    Selected by Lori- Lori said she liked her new Speedo so much she wanted to pose in it again, but was afraid our friends wouldn't want to see it twice. I assured her they wouldn't mind at all.

  • Sky-high boots

    "THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR WALKIN'..." Lori finally broke down and bought something other than a bikini- a pair of thigh high boots- "So THIS is what tall is like!!" Hmmm...Would these boots and a tiny white g-string make an interesting ensemble?

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