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  • Piazza San Marco

  • Pont Neuf

    View On Black This is the last of the photos from a two week stay in Paris November 2011. Essentially adding some 400 photographs to Flickr over this past year has kept my love for the city fresh and prolonged the vacation beyond the actual days in Pari…

  • Trocadero

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  • Quai Hotel de Ville

    View On Black A fitting end to our Paris excursion as we spent a lot of time near the Seine and in Le Marais and our favorite coffee shop was a block away from this corner, a short walk from our apartment via the charming Rue des Barres. Adding all thes…

  • Cite

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  • Sainte-Chapelle - Rose Windows

    View On White La Sainte-Chapelle is the only surviving building of the Capetian royal palace on the Île de la Cité in the heart of Paris, France. It was commissioned by King Louis IX of France to house his collection of Passion Relics, including the Crow…

  • Louvre Interior

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  • This Will Be On the Final Exam

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  • Diana of Versailles

    View On Black Finally the original - or at least a Roman copy of the Greek original - after sightings at Versailles and the Luxembourg Gardens.

  • Arc De Triomphe du Carrousel

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  • Denon Wing - Louvre

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  • Place du Carrousel

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  • I.M. Pei's Pyramid from Below

    View On Black "Commissioned by the President of France François Mitterrand in 1984, it was designed by the architect I. M. Pei, who is responsible for the design of the Miho Museum in Japan, Place Ville-Marie in Montreal, and the National Gallery of Art…

  • Quai Francois Mitterrand

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  • Pont des Arts

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  • "Bare ruined choirs, where late the sweet birds sang."

    View On Black Shakespeare Sonnet No. 73 on the Rue de Seine.

  • Rue de Seine

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  • Eglise St-Germain des Pres

    View On Black The present building, incorporating repairs and enlargements from various eras, is a fine example of Romanesque architecture. The Romanesque square tower, dating from the early 11th century, is topped by the church's landmark spire, which d…

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