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  • A little fisher person!

  • Learning to be a little helper.

  • Learning to be a handyman!

  • Book page that got to explore on Flickr!

    And has 5,222 views there... /in/photolist-RjLc4g-NjVooj-uhR77j-rJwMb 5-aroBqM-aqzFGE-6UDrgL-A3sj8a-ww9trY-qz9 5EV-ofNKde-dAsf2E-brwarJ-ahrfSj-afDev8-8 BSPaX-7dELrx-84jwJs-EkcB6n-E2iKUQ Not that it is a race to ge…

  • Watering the garden.

  • image. See Flickr for the story Us 1966

    Wow Good luck.. aFHBCwoypXg6SyzywEm8KgDoxDlp6ZNKvqMh2XK1 3w/viewform

  • Relaxing on the deck

  • Autumn in the side lane

  • Wildlife in Calvary Hospital Canberra

  • Aerial view of our old home!

    From Rick's drone!

  • Two mile underground in Mullumullang on the Nullarbor

    This one is approaching 1000 views on Flickr.. in/photolist-e5cEry-7Zwjkw-sN73r-4j9kgU- jZNQm-sNbhS-sN6XN-eaXSQL-sN6Wt-earzLi-e6 i2Vw-4fQVvM-4fQUxa-866x9c-4j9jBo-sVzyA-4 j9mXq-sVzvj-jZNQq-jZNQn-e6i3Qq

  • My Flickr icon

    Before descending Easter Cave in SW WA in 1965

  • Xmas lights on homes in Canberra 2014

    Thousands of people drive around the suburbs to see the latest LED lights and designs.. Many collect donations for charities like the South Care Helicopter rescue, or other NGOs..

  • Parliament House on $5 note

  • Sunset with power lines

  • Split Rock Engravings

  • Cyclist at Coen

    Never did hear from this chap..

  • Sunset @ Weipa

    I just picked a Folder from random, and have decided it is too much of an effort to load all these again. I have too much of an investment in time and images on Flickr to move! I just hope they will wake up with some options for we old Pros....

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