Malidicus' photos

  • My Monster Toy Collection

    Growing up (in the late 70's), I had some cool toys. Here I am with Mattel's Shogun Warrior "Gaiking", Godzilla & Rodan. Also, I am holding a bat (named Gre-Gory)that had blood in its chest & when you pushed a button on the back, it looked like it was dri…

  • My dinosaurs

    Another mid 70's pic on my dinosaur obsession. I still have most of these figures.

  • My One Million Years BC Playset by Marx Toys

    Man, I must have been 4-6 years old in the mid 70's. I still have everything in this pic except the arch bridge between the mountains and the printed sheet.

  • Christmas in the late 70's

    Wow, my parents kind of spoiled me. Proof that Capitalism works! Anyway, I wish I still had a lot of this stuff because some of it is worth a bunch of money today! Some of the stuff I got was; Mattel Rodan & Shogun Warrior Gaiking, Beware the Spider, Star…

  • Just Me

    My wife took this photo of me at my Aunt's house in Georgia.