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14 Sep 2021 38 43 85
Wakiki Beach, Wakiki, Oahu, Hawai’i This digital composition was created from garbage and litter found on Wakiki Beach along with an untarnished Pua Melia blossom that had fallen from the branches above. The title Edena was selected because Hawai’i is a “paradise” on earth and delightful refuge from many of the world’s problems. The chosen colors are filled with symbolism. Green (Omao) represents compassion, refreshment, the abundance of lush plants that cover the Hawai’ian Islands and well as life and love since per the Hawai’ian proverb, “Hāʻawi ke aloha i ke ola i loko” – “Love gives life within.” The eight red (ula’ula) dots on the domino represent the eight Hawai’ian Islands and the lava from the volcanic activity that had created them as well as passion. The splotches of yellow (melemele) represent the refreshing wind that comes off the Pacific as well as the Island of Oahu. The pastel whites (keʻokeʻo) and browns (palaunu) represent the sands on Hawai’ia’s coasts while the splotches of black (eleʻele) represent lava rock and black sand newly created by the continuous and active volcanic activity of the islands. The tinge of blue (polu) in the capital letter “B” represents the nearby ocean as well as health. At the same time, the Pua Melia (Plumeria) on the left is the floral symbol of Hawai’I used to create leis, that represents new beginnings, beauty, forgiveness, and life. The peach coloration on the Pua Melia represent comfort, warmth, and joy – which are epitomized by the smiling face. Finally the Japanese characters on the discarded chop sticks and product label represent harmony and cultural diversity based on the Hawi'ian saying, "Aloha does not discriminate!" With that said, “Aloha i nā mea āpau āu e ʻike ai a mau a mau ke aloha” – “Love all that you see and may our love last forever.”


08 Sep 2021 46 56 127
Mamaroneck, NY Mamaroneck, NY experienced its worst flooding in history 1-2 September 2021, just 10 days after Tropical Storm Henri caused minor flooding that impacted 50 homes and a church. It was also notably the Village's 100th flood event since records were kept. Consistent with past major floods (14-18 October 1955, 19 June 1972, 23-27 September 1975, and 15 April 2007) the damage is extensive and likely to exceed $100 million, no coincidence because of climate change and development, the latter creating conditions for greater and more intense runoff. In addition, this flood resulted in loss of life – a person returning from work who was swept away by the raging floodwaters along Mamaroneck Avenue near the I-95 entrance/exit ramps. Prior to this flood, the 2007 event had been the worst in Mamaroneck’s history with floodwaters of up to 6 feet deep. This flood smashed the record with waters reaching an incredible height of 14 feet – not surprising since just prior to the Mamaroneck and Sheldrake River’s breaching their banks, it had rained like never before. In fact the rain came down so hard, it was like a sheet you couldn’t see through. With the intense rain, my 6-story apartment building was transformed into a towering waterfall. I created, “Hope,” an abstract digital work of art from a photograph I took in a parking lot along Nostrand Avenue, in which the raging waters from the nearby Mamaroneck River tore out parking barriers and flooded nearby buildings and roads. The original photograph before digital editing captured the patterns and ripples left behind in silt that had been washed up from the river and covered the asphalt surface. The incomplete red-orange circle in the top left corner is intended to depict the returning sun and represent perseverance while the red, yellow, and pink splotches, depicting the reflection of sunlight from the returning sun in standing pockets of water are intended to depict the coming together of peoples out of love and compassion to help the victims, assist with the cleanup and ultimately the rebuilding. The scattered green splotches and aura around the incomplete circle are intended to represent survival and thus life! The water droplets represent the rains that had caused this great flood. The black linear ripples depict the scars left behind the raging waters that had covered the parking lot in silt, which is represented by the earthen tones and grays. The dated postmarks (bottom left and top right) indicate the date and location of this great flood. Last, the overall cheerful brightness of this abstract embodies hope for as long as there is life, there is hope and thus with people coming together, even the worst of moments can be transformed into things of beauty. Mamaroneck, NY: 36 Noteworthy Floods between 1877 and 2021 October 1877 – 1st Flood since Record Keeping began (4 October) September 1882 July 1889 October 1903 March 1936 July 1938 September 1938 July 1942 August 1942 September 1944 May 1946 March 1953 August 1955 October 1955 – Approx. 3 feet, 7 inches of water August 1960 April 1961 March 1962 August 1971 June 1972 – Approx. 4 feet of water September 1974 September 1975 – Approx. 4 feet, 2 inches of water November 1977 April 1980 April 1983 May 1990 April 1996 October 1996 September 1999 September 2004 October 2005 March 2007 April 2007 – Approx. 6 feet of water August 2011 May 2013 August 2014 September 2021 – 14 feet of water; Worst flood of all-time Based on information in the 2008 KW Furey Engineering Flood Mitigation Report , there have been 100 "flood events" in the Village of Mamaroneck between 1877 and 2021 translating into a "flood event" once every 1.44 years. Note: Coastal flooding from Hurricane Sandy in October 2012 is not included in the above statistics since the storm did not cause the Mamaroneck/Sheldrake Rivers to flood. Additional Source: Hydroquest LWRP Report dated 20 March 2016. Bold – Worst Floods in Mamaroneck, NY history

Bottle Caps

19 Aug 2021 85 91 256
Larchmont, NY

2020 (21) Tokyo Olympics

01 Aug 2021 62 80 218
Created 1 August 2021 from photographs of the images on a Manga® Sake Junmai bottle and an attached label on a Haku® Vodka bottle to celebrate the 2020 Tokyo Olympics being held this year. Consequently, the young woman in the image has “2020” face paint under her right eye and the young man has “2021” face paint under his left eye. The “Tokyo” label was modified to include the Olympic logo, Japanese characters for Tokyo, and the five Olympic rings. The “0” in 2020 and 2021 are a solid red circle to resemble the Japanese flag on a white background. The latter year is included since the 2020 Olympics had been delayed a year because of the global COVID-19 pandemic. To further resemble the Japanese flag, all images are in black and white with the exception of red. As I watch the Olympics, to make it a more immersive experience I’ve tried a variety of Japanese drinks. :) Finally, to conclude, I wrote the following Haiku verses: Through Olympic Sport, All the world makes a bold stand – COVID will not win! Consequently the Samurai sword in the image on the right represents Humanity's final victory over the COVID-19 pandemic for ultimately we will WIN! May everyone stay safe and the sports competition bring out the best in all the participants and the world community – borders and everything aside, we are one – ONE HUMAN race. Note: None of the images in this collage are being used for trademark purposes and thus per U.S. copyright law its creation through digital editing and display is legally acceptable Update: The 2nd Circuit Court Decision, 26 March 2021 Andy Warhol Found. for the Visual Arts, Inc. v. Goldsmith, No. 19-2420- CV, 2021 WL 1148826 narrowed the “fair use” doctrine for appropriation works of art such that his “Prince” silk screens are no longer considered original works as a lower court had ruled. This decision doesn’t prohibit all appropriation art. For example in 2020 (21) Tokyo Olympics satisfies 17 U.S.C. § 107(4) that focuses on “the effect of use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work,” the basis for the decision in Andy Warhol Found. for the Visual Arts, Inc. v. Goldsmith (2021) since the collage created from the Sake bottle meets the criteria of establishing “a new distinct artistic purpose and be reasonably perceived as having a new meaning or message separate from the borrowed work a new distinct artistic purpose and be reasonably perceived as having a new meaning or message separate from the borrowed work.” This collage doesn’t compete with sales of the Sake, impact such sales or convey the original meaning and purpose of Manga®'s depiction. Instead as a distinct 2D collage from the 3D bottle (inset), its new purpose and meaning is to solely celebrate the 2020 Tokyo Olympics being held these two weeks.

Oculus/Freedom Tower

24 Jun 2021 86 86 289
New York, NY Freedom Tower: Completed 2013. Height with Spire: 1776 feet. Architect: David Childs. Oculus: Completed 2016. Architect: Santiago Calatrava. Note: Due to a member question about the bottom right portion of Freedom Tower, the differences between the rest of the building as well as the appearance of smudging in the sky are optical illusions caused by the thin clouds in the sky that were faintly reflected in the sun-exposed section of Freedom Tower. The second optical illusion is caused by the dark shadow of the adjacent building that obscures the visible interior beams in the sun-illuminated section and interior office views. As this is a negative image, the shadow-impacted section is the opposite color (white vs. black) and the white wispy clouds appear as black smudges. In reality every section of Freedom Tower is alike.

Boston Amalgamation

03 Jul 2021 56 74 217
Boston, MA (Collage created 3 July 2021) Title is derived from the blending of 18th century historical sites fitting for 245th anniversary of America’s Declaration of Independence attributed to 4 July 1776 with 20th-21st century architectural modernism, which encompasses a significant part of Boston’s skyline and waterfront development, much of it constructed after 2000. (top left) Old North Church (photographed 15 June 2021) used by Paul Revere (“One if by land, two if by sea”) during his midnight ride on 18 April 1775 to warn the patriots the British were coming by land (one lantern was hung in its steeple for a minute. Built in 1723. The oldest standing church in Boston. Also a little known fact, Wentworth Cheswell, the first African-American man elected to public office (Town Constable, Newmarket, NH in 1768) also warned of the British approach along with William Dawes, Samuel Prescott and some dozen others. (top middle) George Washington Statue (photographed 15 June 2021), Boston Public Garden. Designed by Boston artist Thomas Ball. Unveiled 3 July 1869. (top right) Faneuil Hall (photographed 13 June 2021), site of the Boston Massacre (5 March 1770, in which British troops killed five) and several speeches by Samuel Adams, one of several “Founding Fathers” opened in 1743 after being erected using funds from the slave trade. It reopened in 1762 after being nearly completely destroyed by a fire and is rich in African American history. The first person killed during the Boston Massacre was 47 year-old African American Crispus Attucks. In August 1890 it was the site of African-American legislator Julius Caesar Chappelle’s speech calling for granting Black Americans the right to vote. (bottom) Eleanor, Boston Harbor (photographed 14 June 2021), site of the Boston Tea Party. The Eleanor , a replica of the original tall ship, was one of three ships boarded by a diverse predominantly young crowd on 16 December 1773 to protest the British tax on tea with the rallying cry, “No taxation without representation!” 340 chests consisting of 92,000 pounds of tea valued at approximately $1.7 million in today’s money were dumped into Boston Harbor during the protest, the key event that sparked the American Revolution (1775-1783) and subsequent American independence from Britain. Additional View of Old North Church (left) and Faneuil Hall (right)


16 Jun 2021 54 61 252
Boston, MA Created from the spray painted word "Art" located in the financial district and various debris (a discarded face mask, cigarette butts, napkin, rubber spacer ring, wire caps, plastic piece and dried flora and granules of sand from nearby Boston Harbor) located in a sheltered corner of the bricked pier along "Harbor Walk." Yes, Boston is virtually COVID free! There were single digit cases on many of the days I was there and 0 deaths! It was a pleasure to feel free again and to be able to breathe in the refreshing air without a mask and feel safe doing so! :) This is definite reason to smile!!! The soft colors chosen are meant to portray the sea and its flora and to represent the freshness of the pleasant sea breeze since Boston Harbor is only feet away from this sheltered corner of the pier.


06 Jun 2021 62 46 219
Mamaroneck, NY Abstract work created from various discarded objects – pieces of a broken incandescent light bulb, a microwave door with intact patterned glass, an electrical outlet cover and wires. The title denotes the color red from the French word rouge . The dominate red color in conjunction with the various circles represent enduring love (in fact according to the Urban dictionary, a rouge “is the sweetest person you will ever meet… a person who will always love you…” regardless of circumstances and individual flaws, someone whom should be cherished and something worth pursuing), lasting health, which is so relevant during these pandemic times, and eternal life. The abundance of red also represents passion, strength and fortitude. At the same time, the outlet cover represents a means of release since it is within each of us to unleash love, passion and good and in doing so, beautifying the planet in the same way cosmetics beautify the face. Also, considering rouge, is also a powder used to polish glass, metal and gems, the metal microwave oven door with its intact glass and the diamond pattern in the center of this work are fitting. At the same time, the splashes of earthen tones and green reinforce the concept of life and its preciousness. Last, the happy face represents the joy red represents through love, vitality, and good health.


02 Jun 2021 54 38 226
Larchmont, NY Created using three discarded items – a rubber spacer ring, torn piece from a cardboard box, and discarded plastic sack and three colors – white, black and sepia to promote simplicity and minimalism. At the same time, despite the large minimalist swath, this image also consists of veins and pockets of maximalism, most notably sections that depict the textured pattern of the discarded plastic sack while retaining its minimalist nature to defy conventional order. The torn card board displays the name of this creation while the spacer ring represents timeless eternity, infinity and perfect that only a 360° circle can do justice. The smiling face represents the joy that can be found in simplicity and minimalism that consists of pristine, uncluttered space.

73F Starry Summer Day

27 May 2021 47 47 211
Mamaroneck, NY Created from discarded piping, hundreds of tiny pieces of broken glass, a discarded board, and metal hasp. The swirls represent the “perfect turbulence” often depicted by Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) even if it goes unnoticed during bright summer days where different retreats (e.g. beaches, cafés, etc.) serve as safe spaces and oases of serenity, disconnected from the chaotic affairs of this 21st century world. The discarded plastic pipes with minimal paint splatter represent these oases of calm. Even the labeled 73°F mild temperature represents this comfortable calm. Likewise, as such turbulence can go unnoticed, one also cannot see the stars (except for the sun) nor distant celestial bodies (except for the moon) when peering into the bright summer sky. Yet they are there! The dark blue splotches serve as a reminder they will be visible when darkness sets in while the abundance of tiny white space represents the countless stars that will re-appear. Hence the title, “73F Starry Summer Day.” In addition, the various colors – reds, greens, purples, greens, and yellows represent the joy of summer, which is captured by the smiling face. Life is what we make of it, regardless of challenges, adversity and the turbulent world we live in. Thus Choose Joy! It is refreshing, a lot healthier and more comforting than the alternative.


17 May 2021 55 74 291
Created from four merged images – a window display at a Port Chester, NY restaurant taken 18 April 2014, photograph of the Ten Commandments tablets that symbolizes the law of the Torah (New Rochelle, NY), scripture from a Torah taken 17 May 2021 (Larchmont, NY) and a free clipart image of the Star of David, the symbol of the Jewish people. Wishing every Jewish person a Happy Shavuot even if it’s a little late due to server downtime!


09 May 2021 50 39 222
Mamaroneck, NY The broken and scattered rocks symbolize the aftermath of the Rock in Horeb when Moses struck it as instructed. The blues and purple represent the outflowing of water as promised when the rock in Horeb was split. The blue color represents flowing water and our individual and unique introspective and spiritual journeys through life as well as our desire to soak up insight and knowledge while the rocks represent much needed strength and stability to address the many challenges and adversities in life as we thirst for peace and justice amidst the violence and injustice in our world. The smiling face represents the joy attained when our great thirst is relieved through acts of love, deeds of compassion, moments of peace and the attainment of greater understanding through learning and experience.


02 May 2021 53 60 237
Mamaroneck, NY Note: This work of digital art was created using discarded garbage and litter and is titled based on the section of the Simplehuman® discarded box and label from the discarded wine bottle depicting a multitude of human-like images. The various vibrant colors represent the beauty that arises from the rich diversity of the human race because we are in reality of many shades but of equal priceless worth. The heart represents the hope for a more perfect world where love is the guiding principle and each and every person’s inalienable rights are respected and they are treated with the respect and dignity meant for every person. The smiling face represents the joy that will be found in this more perfect world.

Empty Tomb (Corpus Sphaera)

26 Apr 2021 48 41 234
Created 26 April 2021 from three photos – a red sphere, Mount Vernon, NY (8 May 2012), a section of the sculpture “Passage” at Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens, Purchase, NY (9 May 2012), and a Corpus at St. Joseph’s Church, Yonkers, NY (18 October 2009). This creation was inspired by Spanish artist Salvador Dalí’s (1904-1989) “Crucifixion” (Corpus Hypercubus) painted in 1954. The red sphere representing the rock that was found rolled away from Christ’s tomb on Easter morning (c. AD 33) takes the place of Dalí’s hypercube. The section of the sculpture “Passage” by Richard Erdman and Roman Travertine, 1985 represents the empty tomb hewn out of stone. The resurrected Jesus with outstretched arms and radiance emanating from his risen “glorified” body stands in front of the stone (red sphere) that had been rolled away epitomizing the triumph of life over death. The various shades, swirls, and bokeh are intended to represent the same “nuclear mysticism” and surrealism as Dalí’s masterpiece painting. Consequently, the pocked rock of the tomb melds with the sky joining heaven and earth, every point on the sphere’s surface is equidistant from its center representing completeness and perpetuity and the tones, swirls and bokeh portray the transition from the spatial temporal reality of our world to the non-spatial eternity of the Kingdom to come made possible by Christ’s resurrection. Per Jesus Christ’s Resurrection real, according to some scientists (Word Press, 5 April 2010), based on “modern particle physics,” such a resurrection… conceivably… occurred when Jesus’ body “dematerialized” from underneath the burial shroud in which its physical matter was converted into neutrinos and then “rematerialized” when outside… [likely initiated through interaction with anti-neutrinos that caused] the neutrinos [to revert] back into their previous form of matter and… when such… rematerialization took place… the process emitted an abundance of light (photonic energy)… corroborat[ing] biblical accounts of His “glorified” body mentioned in Philippians 3:21.

First Miracle

22 Apr 2021 52 50 219
Created from a photo of a wine display in Larchmont, NY (23 October 2011) and photo of a torn advertisement featuring Jesus and Mary for an Italian festival in May 2005 at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, White Plains, NY found in Larchmont, NY (17 April 2021). The vibrant colors are meant to represent a stained glass window and joy.


12 Apr 2021 60 61 299
Digital Art created from three photos: Crescent Moon, Irvington, NY (3 August 2008), Minaret, Queens, NY (8 August 2014) and Tulip, Mamaroneck, NY (12 April 2021). The Minaret, the tallest point of a Mosque serves as the place where a muezzin makes the call for prayer based on the command from the Prophet Mohammad – “Rise, O Bilal, and summon to prayer!” The shape, form, and color of a minaret also serve as strong symbols in Islam. The “cuboid” structure represents stability and equality based on the Qu’ranic verses (Apartments 49:13) – “O mankind! Indeed, We created you from a male and a female, and made you nations and tribes that you may identify yourselves with one another,” (The Byzantines 30:22) “Among His signs is the creations of the heavens and the earth, and the difference of your languages and colors…” and (The Family of Imran 3:195) – “I will not lose sight of the labor of any of you who labors in My way, be it man or woman; each of you is equal to the other.” The geometric form of the minaret also represents Islamic belief that God created order (e.g. the laws of physics that govern the universes in which “the sun, the moon, the stars… follow an unalterable law and do not deviate even slightly from their ordained course” and “matter, energy and life… obey laws by which they must grow or change, live or die”) and everything in His creation has a significant place in His “grand scheme.” The roof or dome points towards the sky symbolizing the “gate from heaven and earth” that marks the transition from temporary to eternity” to remind people based on the Qu’ranic verse (The Forgiver 40:39) – “…the life of this world is nothing but a passing enjoyment and indeed, the Hereafter is the abiding home.” It is because of this Islam declares, “When we are reduced to bones and ashes, will we… be raised as a new creation? ‘Yes, even if you become stones, or iron, or whatever you think is harder to bring to life…’ Who will bring us back to life? ‘The One Who created you the first time.’” [Qu’ran: The Night Journey 17:49-51] The white color of the minaret symbolizes “God’s Pure Light,” the “source of existence” and eternity that derives from God’s great love based on the fact that in Islam, God is known as al-Wadud or "He who loves." "Religion is love and love is religion" -- Islam: Imam al-Baqir (676-733 CE) “The Eternal… made all things in [l]ove. On [l]ove they all depend.” [Islam: Farid ud Din Attar, 12th Century CE Sufi poet] Because of this, a key principle of Islam is peace (also symbolized by the white color of the minaret) based on the Prophet Mohammad’s noble and compassionate example when his troops conquered Mecca on 11 December 629. Despite the ill-treatment he had received and attempts on his life, he gave that city’s residents that chance to determine their own fate – “O Quraysh, what do you think of the treatment… I should accord you?” And they said, “Mercy, O Prophet of God. We expect nothing but good from you.” Thereupon Mohammad declared, “…This day there is no reproof against you; go your way, for you are free.” [1] “God created a hundred portions of mercy. He placed one portion between His creation [so] they [could] have compassion on each other…” [Islam: Saheeh Al-Bukhari, Saheeh Muslim, Al-Tirmidhi, et al.] In Islam, the crescent moon serves as a powerful symbol of God’s greatness while the color “blue” (al-azraq) represents “the impenetrable depths of the universe” and the mystical nature of God, the Creator. At the same time, the color “green” represents life and paradise – “As you look, you will see… bliss and a great kingdom. Upon them will be cloaks of green silk…” [Qu’ran: Man 76:20-21] “And among His signs is that you see the earth barren, but when We send down water on it, it is stirred to life and growth. Verily, He Who gives it life… is able to give life to the dead. Indeed! He is able to do all things.” [Qu’ran: Elaborated 41:39] In addition, in Islam, the tulip not only symbolizes beauty, perfection, and paradise, it also resembles a dome and represents the Muslim written name for God – “Allah.” Last the Arabic cursive to the left declares “Salam!” or “Peace!” since it is the primary attribute of Islam – “Allah guides all who seek to please Him to the ways of peace…” [Qu’ran: The Table 5:16]. It is also fitting since on this evening of 12 April 2021, Muslims around the world Muslims enter into Ramadan , a holy month of prayer and fasting. Wishing every Muslim the best for a peaceful and spiritually uplifting holy month. ________ [1] Conquest of Mecca. Wikipedia. 5 April 2021. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conquest_of_Mecca#:~:text=The%20conquest%20of%20Mecca%20(Arabic,Muhammad%20and%20the%20Quraysh%20tribe . Additional Source: Wan Athirah binti Wan Ahmad Kamal. The Significance of the Minaret as the Symbol of the Official Religion. University Teknologi MARA (UiTM). 8 April 2021. www.academia.edu/8661994/The_Significance_of_the_Minaret_as_the_Symbol_of_the_Official_Religion

Good Friday

18 Apr 2012 47 32 205
Created from Photograph taken at Holy Cross Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY No one takes my life from me. I lay it down of my own accord. [John 10:18] By grace you have been saved. [Ephesians 2:8] …death shall be no more. [Revelation 21:4] The old has passed away; behold the new has come. [2 Corinthians 5:17]


01 Aug 2020 69 76 323
Mamaroneck, NY This image represents an urban setting during the summer. The fragmented square pieces depict the different sections of a major metropolis and street grids with the broken fan blades and colors representing the comfort of green spaces (olive and green) as well as smog and the discomfort of a summer heat wave (reds, oranges and browns) due to population density and often oppressive temperatures. The tiny details represent the numerous buildings that comprise a city from an aerial perspective. The numerous circles represent the joy of cohesive unity and interconnectedness with the smiling face portraying summer joy.

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