Posted on 09/28/2006

Photo taken on September 28, 2006

SEIKO EPSON CORP. Stylus Photo RX620

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An envelope I found whilst dusting...

"To Apache, Happy 16th Birthday.
The comparasion between cat and human years is now 4 instead of 7, so I know you were 21 last year, but because of the changes you are now 16. This is because of the improvements in vet care. Sorry - but 16 is such a cool age. Yes 16 is cool as 17 is the coolest and 16 is only 1 year out.
Hey but jambos still old he is 64, which is pretty old if you ask me. And Bramble is 20, which is not as cool as 16. You will be 20 next year. Yes 20, 20, 20.
You would of finally grown up. I rember when you were only a few days old. I could fit you into the palm of my hand. But now I can barely hold you with two hands. You have grow over 5 times the body-size you were when you were born. But you are still tiny, even though you eat so much. So to make you less thin I have given you some pork strachings for your birthday present. I know they are a bit hard but they will help keep your teeth clean and it will be good practise of eating carcases, and I have had enough of you killing lots of animals then we both get in trouble, yes and I do not like cleaning up dead animals off the lawn, please, please, please, bury them. I know how you must feel about it, but I am human, you are a cat, we have different customs. I.E. You lick your ass, I don't. You like eating raw meat, I don't eat meat at all. Well my way happy birthday. I will not be there and I may be the only person to get you a present, but I still hope you have a brillant day. Good-bye. I should be back at 3. X"