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  • kingcup

  • branches

  • branch

  • Self portrait

    -taken with an old film camera

  • Our poor sunflowers this morning

    Time to say farewell. I still won't cut them down- there are all the time lots of little birds climbing around searching for seeds to eat. ........ Besides- find them very beautiful, in that melancholy way.

  • October 2016

    ...still so warm in a daytime

  • Hubby, Tosca& little Felix

  • Self portrait in a window hole

  • Peacefull 2016, to each and everyone

  • Old finnish woodhouse block

    I made this little block. Materials are: empty food packages, styrofoam, wallpaper samples, acrylic paints, window& door prints, small rocks, toothpicks.... yellow house's roof is a margarine package for example :-) It took about 15 hours to create this…

  • The Most Happiest 2015 to everybody!

    Thank you for the past year, dear ipernity-friends! May the year ahead be even better!

  • Peace. To everybody.

    Because that's all we need.

  • 24/24 "The Tenant Hunt"

    But of course they didn't! Instead one of them said that "a rooster is just what we've lacked!" and another agreed by saying that "it would be practical to have a rooster in house: now they could throw all alarm clocks away!" And either one of the Aunties…

  • 23/24 "The Tenant Hunt"

    Lights were turned on and Manna woke up. She owed an explanation. At first she apologized that Elvis (yes, rooster's name was Elvis) had woken up everyone. She had simply been so excited last evening that she had forgotten to ask if it would be okay to…

  • 22/24 "The Tenant Hunt"

    Manna was in bed, sleeping soundly...

  • 21/24 "The Tenant Hunt"

    The Retirees were right about the sound's origin: it came from Manna's room! In the middle of the room, standing on a kitchen chair, was a great rooster stretching his throat preparing to squawk again!

  • 20/24 "The Tenant Hunt"

    Somewhere during early morning hours a strong squawk woke the whole Villa. It seemed to come from Manna's room! What an earth had happened??!!

  • 19/24 "The Tenant Hunt"

    After signing the lease it was already late and after helping Manna to carry her stuff in to the room, the Retirees went to bed. So did Manna, but she had to sit a while in her bed just to look around and enjoy this lovely little room, which now would be…

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