Jim Boynton

Jim Boynton

Posted on 05/31/2014

Photo taken on May 30, 2014

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Beautiful day for a stroll.

Beautiful day for a stroll.
Gorgeous day yesterday...sun shining bright, cool gentle breeze off the lake, soft billowing clouds painting the sky & BABY gooses! Literally tons of shots to sort thru, so I felt a random opus was in order. Lots of gosling shots still to come.

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Jim Boynton
Jim Boynton
Still working out how to shoot 'scapes.
IMG 6487

Just when I thought I had figured out how to shoot gulls I discover that they fish...now I have to get one in focus. Groan...
IMG 6416

Dozens of dead fish scattered all over the sidewalk. Guess the gulls don't abide by the catch & release rules.
IMG 6428

Wonder if they'll be as successful as the gulls.
IMG 6465

'You deserve a break today...' Hope he has just fallen asleep.
IMG 6315

What I spied as I drove in...so excited! I counted ten goslings in total.
IMG 6303

Must practice my small bird photography.
IMG 6501

Ain't they just the cutest things!
IMG 6435

Protecting the flank. This one started yelling at me when I got too close to the wee ones...then headed my way. I backed off.
IMG 6400

Yes, my friends were there, but they refused to look my way...perhaps jealous of my attention to the goslings.
IMG 6304
3 years ago. Edited 3 years ago.
Pam J
Pam J
Oh what a wonderful series Jim !!!

I can feel your excitement.. and I KNOW I would be buzzing too !!

Moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!
3 years ago.
Jim Boynton has replied to Pam J
Soooo many more from this outing, but I think I will stash some away for winter. Lots more goslings to come though.
3 years ago.
Levina de Ruijter
Levina de Ruijter
Adult geese are a force to be reckoned with, Jim. Good idea to back off some there!! LOL

What a nice story this is. We're right there with you at the lake. The last shot is especially nice I think with the gulls all neatly lined up. :)
3 years ago.
Jim Boynton has replied to Levina de Ruijter
The adults were pretty cool with me around except this one. Once I got back up...*Groan*...and backed away s/he never bothered with me again.

Glad you enjoyed my randoms. Sometimes I just have too many shots that I don't want to delete so I'll make one long post rather than a bunch of single ones. Makes it easier for people to just scroll past if they wish.
3 years ago.
Cats 99
Cats 99
Wow! Look at all those gulls in a line! I love how their heads are all kind of looking the same way, even if they wouldn't cooperate by looking at you! I love your gull fishing shot and I have no doubt that you will get a stellar shot or two of them fishing before the summer is over! I feel a little sorry for the dead and rejected little fishies though!

The goslings are so cute and I quite like your shot of the parent in the rear as he/she came to warn you off.
3 years ago.
Jim Boynton has replied to Cats 99
I feel sorry for the fish too! Circle of life is all well and good, but I hate seeing nature shows that show the predators catching their prey.
3 years ago.