Jim Boynton

Jim Boynton

Posted on 07/15/2013

Photo taken on July 14, 2013

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'I'm melting!' (Wicked Witch)

'I'm melting!'  (Wicked Witch)
TOTD - Scale.

July & August around the Great Lakes...I don't care what SCALE (I know it's a reach) you use (Fahrenheit or Celsius) this is too darn hot! Second week in a row with these type of temps, but hopefully a break come the weekend. Top # is the temp with the humidity...middle # the real temp and the bottom # the overnight low. I have been to Vegas and let me tell you that our 104ºf is far more uncomfortable than the desert 104ºf.

Prepare for lots of cat photos...I AINT going outside this week.

Screen-shot of CTV news television broadcast.

Cats 99
Cats 99
Oy, that is HOT! ☀

I don't blame you for wanting to stay inside with weather like that! But, I don't see anything wrong with cat pictures. I mostly post cat pictures in the winter for the opposite reason (cold ☃ ). It generally doesn't get that hot (or humid) here and if it does, I generally don't want to stay home, because I don't have a/c. It then depends on if there is a breeze and if I can catch it through my windows.
4 years ago.
Jim Boynton has replied to Cats 99
We only got a/c five years ago. We found that as we got older that fans blowing on bowls full of ice didn't cut it anymore. Now I couldn't live without it. Where did you get the sun & snowman thingies from? My laptop doesn't have them...feeling left out now.
4 years ago.
Vicky Hollenbeck
Vicky Hollenbeck
It's particularly bad when it doesn't cool off enough at night! Oh, I'll stay right here thanks. Hoping you get relief soon!
4 years ago.
Tricia Gibson
Tricia Gibson
I can totally empthise with you - heat at night is not good and we've got it here too!!
4 years ago.