• The Lilly Pond

  • Iris Duo

    Mt.Tamborine Botanic Gardens - Gold Coast - Australia

  • Green Goddess

    Large Variegated Arum Lilly - Tamborine Gardens - Gold Coast - Australia

  • Rondelitia

    A beautiful perfume in spring and even more in the evening, in our garden.

  • Tulip Tree

    This is the flower of the South African Tulip Tree, we have several in the garden, they attract the native birds.

  • The Rose

    This is Chicago Peace, my favourite in the garden.

  • In The Light

    Bird of Paradise in the Botanic Gardens.

  • Wisteria

    Tamborine Botanical Gardens - Gold Coast - Australia.

  • Mauve Delight

    African Daisies in the garden.

  • Elegant

    Describes this Day Lilli (hippeastrum) growing in the Gardens - Gold Coast.

  • Peeping Out

    Gazania's growing in between logs in our garden. - Queensland.

  • Lilli Pilli

    Rain Forest Tree (Acmena smithii ) this tree has many different species and their berries are edible - East Coast - Australia.