Robyn Michaels' photos

  • An Exquisite Pair of 1960s-Era Spring-o-lator Mules From My Collection

    The elastic band (in black) sewn between the heel-pad and the foot-pad of these backless mules enabled the wearer to walk and even run without loosing her shoe. Invented in the mid-1950s, Spring-o-lators became the favorite footwear of glamorous Hollywoo…

  • Blame It On The Neighbors Daugthers

    "Katy Keene the Pin-Up Queen" ~ A popular comic of the 1950s which was a spin-off from the Archie series. A unique feature of the Katy Keene comics was that it invited its readers to design fashions for Katy and many of the "winning" submissions were fro…

  • Blame It On Peter Driben (Titter Feb 1955)

    Peter Driben was one of the most prolific pulp magazine cover artists of the 1940s through 1950s. More about this bad influence is in the first comment.

  • Blame It On Betty

    If someone has to take the blame, then there is no one better at being a great bad influence than Betty Page.

  • August 2013 ~ A New Dress and Very Old Shoes!

    First stop on this night was to a very nice cocktail lounge in Shadyside called Spin.

  • August 2013 ~ New Shoes For Dancing!

    Pointy toed pumps from ALDO were perfect for an evening at Cruzn'.

  • An Evening At The Theatre ~ July 2013

    The City Theatre was the venue for Miss Eda Bagel's one-(wo)man-show "Imitation of Wife". It was great to see her back in her home town again!

  • Date Night! Dinner, Dancing and ...

    ...Romance by candlelight.

  • The 2013 Keystone Conference ~ Saturday Night Banquet

    The girls of the "Disco Era" certainly knew how to dress. I have this same dress in 5 other colors or combinations and love any opportunity to wear one of them!

  • Test Photo ~ This Is NOT A Gratuitous Leg Shot!

    I'm using this one as a guinea pig for the free photo editor that comes with ipernity. REALLY!

  • A Dear Diary Memory ~ Introducing Miss Loretta von Climax! Saturday July 16, 2011

    If you NEVER have read my Dear Diary before, check out the first comment for an example of what you have been missing!

  • I Just ADORE Big Sunglasses! Dear Diary Has The Backstory in the First Comment

    BTW, this is a casual look many of my friends rarely see in me.

  • This is Pittsburgh ~ Home of the One & Only, the Original "Dear Diary"!

    Often voted one of the most liveable cities in America, Pittsburgh truly is a wonderful place to wear a hot pair of sexy high heels!

  • June 1, 2013 ~ Robyn's 1st Rule of Shoes (there is a caption under the photo for those who wish to know the rule)

    Always buy the shoes first. Then look for the ensemble to wear them with. (wink)

  • Dear Diary ~ May 20th 2013 ~ Escape From Flickr

    The new format change at Flickr has infuriated me. I may make this a new home for Dear Diary.