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Photo taken on June  1, 1927

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Josephine Baker
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Siren of the Tropics

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Siren of the Tropics Poster

Siren of the Tropics Poster
This is a German poster advertising Josephine Baker's 1927 film, "Siren of the Tropics." Her character's name in the film was called Papitou.

Directed by Mario Nalpas and Henri Etievant
Starring: Josephine Baker
Pierre Batcheff
Regina Dalthy
Georges Melcior; Kwanine

With her infectious smile, almost child like enthusiasm and kinetic energy, Josephine Baker steals every scene in her feature film debut, Siren of the Tropics. Unabashedly overacting, her performance oozes charm that is simply irresistible. With a plot that ranges from pure melodrama to exotic adventure; from slapstick comedy back to melodrama, Siren of the Tropics has something for everyone, including Baker’s spirited “Charleston.”

The wealthy Marquis Severo (Georges Melchior) wants to get a divorce from his wife so that he can woo their young goddaughter, Denise (Regina Thomas). When he learns that Denise is engaged to André Beval (Pierre Batcheff), the Marquis schemes to get rid of the engineer by offering him a position at his place in the Antilles. The Marquis has written a letter to one of his cohorts in the Antilles, arranging for a little “accident” to befall the unsuspecting André. Fortunately for André, the young native girl, Papitou (Josephine Baker) has taken quite a shine to him, and after realizing that his life is in danger, she manages to come to his rescue. The smitten Papitou decides to follow André back to his homeland, so she stows away on board a ship heading for Paris. Once there, it isn’t long before Papitou is the headliner at swank music hall. Still in love with André, Papitou refuses to perform until she sees her love. But the managers bring Marquis Severo backstage instead, and he still has a few tricks up his sleeve.