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  • Marquis

    A year ago, my life was over. And it's nothing without you. It's empty. No goals, no dreams, no joy. I miss you so very much. My best ever baby boy.

  • Young Love

    Before I disassemble the "park"... Another day, another couple wandering around.

  • Summer afternoon

    Girls in the park. As always, doing nothing.

  • Summer afternoon II

    Girls closer. Candi repaint/reroot (redhead) and MGA BFC repaint (blonde), both on Dynamite Girls bodies. All fashions - Clear Lan.

  • Love Hangover

    Ah, if there's a cure for this I don't want it Don't want it If there's a remedy I'll run from it, from it

  • Roxanne

    You don't have to put on the red light... He sure did the song justice

  • Around the World In a Day

    Our traveler and everyone's fave storyteller Jamal tells his stories about his recent trips. You can guess which continent and animal he's on right now.

  • How Does it Feel

    When You're Alone and You're Cold Inside?

  • Before it all melts

    ..have to have fun with it. While 2 were building a snowman, everyone participated through giving some advice. That inner engineer in you!

  • Marquis Smiling

    Around this date 17 years ago my life was changed forever and I was saved from myself. The sunshine was always with me since that day. Baby sunshine climbed onto my jeans using his then tiny claws and said "Okay, think you won't cause me much trouble and…

  • Marquis

    Today would have been his 17th Birthday. It's also 6 months since he left. Needless to say, these were most horrible 6 months ever. I learned a lot - that everyone can't wait for me to "get over" and be a joyful idiot again (as if I ever was). We all…

  • Verge of Extinction

    Briana just learned about the Amur Leopard * and is devastated. Hannah tries to comfort her friend by telling there is still some hope left and explaining what can be\is being done to save this gorgeous, critically endangered animal from extinction. Firs…

  • Happy Holidays

    From my dollroom to yours.

  • Guess Who?

    I know she's not a gal for everyone, but I adored her cheekbones from very start, and unexpectedly I got my very own Miss Praying Mantis of FR world ( as an early Xmas gift ^_^) , Elise Jolie. She's a hybrid on NUface body (whole Elises cost waaaaaaaaaaaa…

  • Acting overprotective

    Jamal: Tre, you seem like a nice guy, but you should know - if you ever make our Nikki cry, you'll have to answer to us, men of this family. You better never make our sistah sad, right? We won't let anyone upset Nikki, you'll have to answer to me and Tyr…

  • It's close to midnight

    ...and something evil's lurking in the dark Under the moonlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it You start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes You're paralyzed…

  • 24.04.2011

    It's been 3 months..sure doesn't feel like it, and then it feels like forever. My life ceased to fairly pointless existence. It feels so empty, grey and just temporary and unreal. At times i think it's a nightmare that lasts and lasts and i can't wake u…

  • Angel now

    The light of my life, my baby boy, my one and only true love passed this morning around 5:10 a.m. He was only 16.5 years old. His battle with kidney failure took 2 victorious years, he fought well. I don't know how to live without him and to be honest,…

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