Posted on 08/31/2014

Photo taken on August 30, 2014

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Fire Phone Photo Test 2

Fire Phone Photo Test 2
I am impressed with the quality of the photographs taken by this telephone. There is so much going on in this phone it is hard to think of it as a phone. I have been amazed by technology newbies since NLJ's Great Grandmother was one of the first people to spring for a Mac. In my top ten clearest and fondest memories is when we visited and she showed us the magic. Things like selecting something, clicking, dragging, and finding that you had instantly made a duplicate. The slightly bluish glow of the what now would be considered a tiny screen is crisp in my mind. My experience with the Fire Phone now joins those top clearest memories. The magic and fascination and function and sheer amazement is all there.

What I like about these two first photographs is the depth of field. This isn't something you normally even can see in a phone photo. In the image of Teddy, the pillow closest and the items furthest out are not as clear as Teddy himself. The lens has five elements, f 2.0, can shoot I think in a burst of five but don't quote me, you can access the camera instantly even when the phone is off by pressing one button and the second press of the button will take a picture. You really can't get photo-readiness much better than that. No more saying, "Let me go get the camera."

Sure, there are problems. Like I don't like that there is no way for the user to select the photograph format. And that Amazon chose to select the JPG format. There is reason that format is called "lossy". But, still, there must be some reason It Won't Go Away. I do like that when you open one of these in Photoshop, they are a good size at 37+MB and if you import to Lightroom you will see pixel dimensions oddly close to the photos my Nikon takes in RAW format. With the phone comes unlimited ( ! ) cloud storage with Amazon. And this includes storage for 1080 videos that the camera can take. Which reminds me I should have tried that today when NLJ was dancing for us with her wings on.

Like I say, funfun! And all brought to you by AT&T. Or, I should say, the combined efforts of Amazon and AT&T. Too long for a photoblog to go into my AT&T experience but it was like no other consumer experience I have ever had or dreamed of having. What was interesting is how when I opened the door, there stood several employees as though they were ushers more than anything else. And that is exactly how they behaved. I had done the phone business on line while at the clinic receiving chemotherapy. So the phone was there and ready to go by the time I got to the store. The representative just opened a drawer and it was already in a bag. They removed it and set everything up including applying a screen protector expertly so that I didn't need to bother with it. And, of course, not a single bubble.