Posted on 07/29/2014

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Sometimes You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

Sometimes You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do
On Sunday morning I set out to accomplish I didn't know what. It was one of those situations. I knew something would come along, some need would surface and I'd float along knowing what to do Just In Time. And so it was.

It is amazing what variety can be achieved using the same materials, the same ingredients, or the same amount of space. I guess when you think about it, the Universe has been doing this for nobody knows how long. The place I recently moved to has the same square footage as the apartment I left but the arrangement is vastly different. One thing it manages to include, rather cleverly I think, is a walk in closet.

What occurred to me while on the bus on Sunday is that True Value Hardware was open and although it is a small shop compared to a Home Depot, I knew they would have some sort of instant shelving. I needed a place to put sweaters, sheets and pillow cases, and boxes with all sorts of things in them. And I didn't want to pay money for plastic drawers or a dresser or anything.

I liked the metal shelving best but it would not have held as much being a whole twenty inches shorter and three inches less in width than the largest plastic version. I let the big cardboard box containing the big vinyl shelving drop into my Homeless Person's Cart. Well, it didn't actually drop into it. I worked with it anyhow.

Being a small store, this one tends to very narrow aisles. I couldn't see past my box which perched unsteadily atop the edges of my cart. The store employees all wear red shirts and I looked around as I turned the corner out of an aisle into the main walkway and saw an elderly lady in a red shirt ahead of me with a not-critical look on her face but certainly worried. I approached her and said, "You can see my problem." She replied yes but that at the checkout she would make sure someone would come and remove the materials from the box and we could see if it would fit.

It didn't. I said to the gentleman who came to assist me, "I AM going to take this home in THIS cart. It IS going to happen. I've done way harder things than this." He replied, "Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do." He said he would be doing lunch in 15 minutes and would be happy to drive me home since I live only four blocks from the store. Couldn't pass that service up. He told me where to wait. Of course things tend to fall into place when you rub a little time on them. They may not turn out entirely the way you wanted but somehow they turn out. Likewise here: the stuff just somehow settled. So I would have walked it back but by then I felt like this person would be also adding some value to his own work day so I left it alone and took the ride.

Although I wouldn't give West Seattle (or Seattle as a whole), the Five Star on kindness or politeness, I personally have had some remarkable experiences since I've lived here exceeding any I've had elsewhere in dealing with strangers. This little shop is also the place that two years ago assembled my Poor Person's Cart (I never know exactly the best name for it) for free. Without me even asking, the cart appeared before me assembled, box vanished, ready to be paid for and strolled out the door.

As you can see, my wardrobe is getting rather sparse but at this point I think it probably fits just fine.

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