Posted on 07/10/2014

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A Bandie Addiction at Such a Young Age!

A Bandie Addiction at Such a Young Age!
And I'm the enabler no less !

Well. How could I pass them up? [Along with what I think is a box with Peter Pan designs! Who doesn't love Peter Pan? What's the best story besides Rapunzel?] I cannot wait to show these Hello Kitty ones to NLJ. With a big nod and hug to Gramma Cinny.

I am moving again. There is no immediate need to move. And I am moving so close to where I currently am that I don't even need to call Comcast for a service change . . . as long as no one rents this place.

Moving is moving is many ways. Emotionally, of course. It also moves us to look at things through different lenses. For sure, for me this time, moving is one huge Band-Aid.

This week I realized how utterly useless my run of the mill education was, all the way from first grade! I learned absolutely nothing that would help me manage this move. I think maybe the kids got something more practical at least in the later grades as far as interpersonal communications. But none of us came out of school knowing how to fix a damn thing.

If you think about it, we sure don't need to learn to write. Though my keyboarding has taken a big hit lately, hand writing is pure hell. Add, subtract, multiply, divide? I still remember how I would actually break out in a sweat when we had to do those timed computation sheets. And this had to have been as young as second grade. Was that even humane? You BETTER know your additions and subtractions or ELSE! What for? We have calculators even in our watches. Who wouldn't trust a machine-calculated number over a human's any day? The last calculus book I looked at didn't seem to have a number in sight except at the bottom of the pages.

The way I see it, in the midst of this move, we don't even need to learn to read anymore because all reading is good for is so that Amazon can advertise things to us and prompt us to spend our money and so that we can read the notices as to when UPS is going to be delivering our item we ordered from Amazon. Not many people read books, whether digital or in print. And who reads poetry? I can count on the fingers of one hand the people I have run into who regularly read poetry.

So we come out of school knowing all of this Stuff that Someone Somewhere at Sometime said Matters but while we are actually living, we don't use it. I could have died for the beauty that was geometry and trigonometry and biochemistry (why did it always make me think of cathedrals?). But I had zero use for it in my career work and have never used in my daily life. So when we are living our actual lives, we end up having to research things madly and learn things on the spur of the moment (two things we are much better at now that we have the internet). Seems almost anti-longevity. Fundamentally, tho, I love school and the idea of receiving spoken information along with an assignment which I knock myself out doing and then receive feedback about. Rinse. Repeat. I also understand that the most basic idea of education is that it helps organize those central nervous system neurons: it isn't the content, stupid!

I'm glad that I have learned about Band-Aid collecting as a hobby. Not something I learned in skewl. And what a fun way to revisit some old friends.