Posted on 06/03/2014

Photo taken on June  2, 2014

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What is Thirty-Two Gigabytes?

What is Thirty-Two Gigabytes?
About 5/16's of an inch by 10/16's of an inch, that's what. The FS and I (we each had our own claim to fame regarding this; and I might add that it was NLJ's Great Grandmother who really was the pioneer, being one of the first owners of the Macintosh and, unwittingly perhaps, a supporter of Apple's R&D department]) - as I was saying, the FS and I liked the burgeoning and fun technology. We really liked it! The FS was probably one of the first people (she could be a trillionaire now!) who used a handheld device to read books. She and I (she led the dangerous way down this path) would sit in bed at night and read thrillers, for example, on our PalmPilots. We would come to a scary place in our different stories, and would have to stop. Just like I know turn Netflix off when the suspense is too great. It doesn't take much these days.

Anyhow, to the point of this photograph: The FS and I needed more storage and discovered Iomega's Zip drive. At the time they were probably 5 inches by 5 inches and 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick. Iomega made these eventually up to 750 MB. But never a gigabyte.

You can do the arithmetic yourself. But I think we're talking about 32 GB squeezed onto 0.018 cubic inches versus 100 MB (about 0.3% of 32 GB if I am working the calculator right) roomily placed on 12.5 cubic inches (if we agree that the Zip drives were 1/2 inch thick).

I could be all wet in my working of the numbers, but no matter what, GEE WILIKERS!