Posted on 01/22/2014

Photo taken on January 21, 2014

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A Bit of a Rest

A Bit of a Rest
NLJ was wearing what I gathered to be a new shirt today. She looked very smart in it. She paused for a moment, getting tired, so I took the opportunity to snap. At this age she won’t be wearing the shirt for long.

At this point in our visit we had poured water from the filtered water container, had a picnic on the kitchen floor with Monkers and Chloe (she wouldn’t have missed it), painted with water colors, drawn with markers, spun around in the drafting chair, put the Duplo train track together and pretended to send the little girl on a vacation with Mr Parrottie first making sure her suitcase had everything she needed, built pyramids and cubes with our Magna-Tiles, pretended to share a Ritz cracker with Monkers, read Its A Little Book three times, played hide and seek, washed our hands at the bathroom sink and played in the water, made a black snake with orange eyes with Pla-Doh and resisted (this is very hard to do!) eating it, and played lighting and putting out candles at the dining room table. She wasn’t done yet but did need a bit of a sit even though she did it standing up.

What I learned today is that NLJ is definitely transitioning into pretending. She gets into it immediately and you can hold her attention for longer doing this than anything else. And it is so easy to think up little things the stuffed animals or toy model characters are doing and saying. Doesn't take much. Just recall Mr Rogers and how fundamental all of that was: you are sitting there and I am sitting here. How do you turn There into Here? You go from Here to There, silly!

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