Posted on 10/06/2013

Photo taken on October  6, 2013

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October Six

October Six
Stereo spiders with webs.

This is extremely poor but it was what I had to work with at the time. These two guys were about a foot apart from one another, the front flat planes of their webs parallel to the sidewalk that Chloe and I were walking early this morning. To get close enough without risk of getting wrapped up by their spidery spinnerets, I had to use the zoom on the phone camera to the maximum. Which is never a great idea with those. Chloe was also not quite as patient: there was no way to hold still. But this seemed about the best October Six subject I'd be likely to notice today.

They really did immediately bring to mind the idea of visual stereoscopy. Or whatever the word would be. I've got stereo silence on the mind at this point because my hearing aids inexplicably Just Died. I mean utterly and without warning and without incident. They died right in my ears within one or two hours of one another on Friday evening. Unbelievably bad luck. Of course they did take a spin in the washing machine six months ago, almost to the day. I can't help thinking that the little Phonak people, in what I picture as repair lab cubicles, set some sort of auto failure or auto obsolescence: just exactly when the warranty on the work ended. But I'm sure this is my wild imagination (the universe isn't this hostile, is it?) although several poets, if various poems can serve as witness, would probably agree with me. Clearly, much much worse things have happened and are happening. It may be major major in my life but I realize in the scope of things it is not.