Posted on 09/22/2013

Photo taken on September 21, 2013

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Had To Be

Had To Be
Around about now, or probably several months ago, we started leaving our friend Chloe behind. Developmentally speaking. Had to be.

We downloaded an app called Endless Alphabet. You pick a letter. "O" is NLJ's current fave. Then a word comes up on the screen and the letters come off of the word leaving the letter outlines and float to the perimeter. Then you touch the letters and drag them back into their letter outline homes. When you touch the letter, it makes the sound that it makes in the shown word itself, not the typical letter sound. The letters also make various jiggling movements and graphic additions reveal themselves.

What is fascinating is that the game rewards approximation. The toddler can drag the letter just a little and the letter will go just a little bit further and closer to the outline upon which it will ultimately rest. Eventually the child's psychomotor system figures it out.

All while the Little Dog looks on.