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A Ride With Monkers in the Homeless Person's Cart

A Ride With Monkers in the Homeless Person's Cart
As everyone is aware because of Google, Rembrandt celebrated his 407th birthday yesterday. I wonder how they really know that. ? I mean was the calendar 407 years ago just like our calendar now? I find that so hard to believe. Did they keep careful records of births? If so, who would have believed such records were important to hang on to when so much else got destroyed over the years? Of course this may not mean we can't know what his birthday would have been on our calendar, just that it would be a bunch of work for someone in a cubicle somewhere. Anyhow, yes, if still alive, he would be old.

I got to see the real McCoy examples at the SAM earlier this year of Rembrandt's attempt (I wonder if he was like the first to think of this?) to get art out to the masses. To make it more accessible, he drew tiny etchings, some were no bigger than, some even smaller than, a debit card. Reading about him last evening made me feel sad for our world. Not because his story is unique but because it isn't. And of course there are so many more horrible examples.

Yes, yes, yes, we can tell ourselves that Rembrandt ended up with nothing, was figuratively burned clean to the bone and lived his last years with some sort of refined glowing countenance and piercing strength that shown through his eyes, all because he had expensive taste beyond his means.

But still.

So today the babby and I went for another ride in the Homeless Person's Cart. We just started this over the weekend and she was eager to give it another try today. Clearly she remembered it. She had to have an almost-fit before her Momma took her home because she wanted to get back in and go for another spin.

This photograph was treated by color matching with one of Rembrandt's many self-portraits.

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