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  • And Buttersotch Pudding Marched At The Head of the Parade

    I have a small (meaning humble and meaning that mostly the items require the barest of this and that) Bucket List. Many represent an activity or the making of something that will manifest a memory from the past that I find intense and meaningful. Sometime…

  • Once Upon a Time There Was a Little Sofa . . .

    Amazingly enough, this small sofa was on one of the corners Chloe and I walked on earlier this evening. Now I have to admit I've been shopping arou . . . er, I mean looking around, keeping my eye out, for a little table for beside the chaise lounge becaus…

  • Prescience! And On New Year's Eve!

    Because this (very welcome even though entirely impractical!) seed/plant sales catalogue arrived TODAY and with vegetable and fruit drawings arranged on a pallet with a paint brush . . . well this deserves some Punctuation!, at least in my life. Further f…

  • Looking At the Big Picture With Nanny & Great Aunt Cathy

    More when I can.

  • With Papa Dane and Nana B: I Love How Fun These Two Are

  • Holiday Singing With Papa Dane

  • With Momma

  • Family

  • Together

  • Beautiful

  • On My Way to Christmas

  • Today

  • Yikes! Its Ice Cream!

    These three did me the good favor of driving all the way across town to have pumpkin pie ice cream cones. They were made especially for the Mom but I think it was the Tiny Bean who really took a hanging to them. Next up? Chocolate by Alton Brown ought to…

  • Is That Boppa?

    I was honored (I always think the words "permitted" or "allowed" but I think I should lose those words as I more than earned a spot) to be in this 2014 Thanksgiving family photograph. And it looks like in this picture, NLJ is pointing to me. At any rate,…

  • Couldn't Help But Be Touched

    Four generations looking at four generations.

  • I Won't Entitle This the Obvious

  • Bye Bye Dry

    Donned with recent (hopefully not too shamefully begged for) birthday gifts, a Selfie from this morning demonstrating neuropathic drying a thing of the miserable past. Woo Hoo !!!

  • Naturals! Semblances!

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