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The view from Birkenhead

Took the underground train that goes under the river from Liverpool to Birkenhead ..(always find that a bit scary the thought of all that water above me)..but rewarded with some spectacular views over the Mersey to the iconic Liverpool waterfront. Loved these chains absolutly covered and encrusted with barnacles..


Moored at Melling

Going into Liverpool tomorrow..a spectacular journey through the docks..underneath parts of the waterfront to emerge right next to the magnificent Liver Building..underground again under the new Museum of Liverpool and then through a few more locks and into Albert Dock and our mooring for 2 weeks..:) There are 8 boats here waiting to go into the city via the Liverpool link which was opened in March 2009 the link connects the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, at the Liverpool Pier Head, to the city's South Docks.…


Out of Saltersford Tunnel

Very small and bendy tunnel on the Northern Trent & Mersey canal just south of Preston Brook where it joins the Bridgewater canal. It is quite a short tunnel at 424 yards long but because it is such a small bore and bendy, which means you cannot see if another boat is in the tunnel or not, it is time you can only enter the tunnel for 20 minutes out if every hour, the actual time depends on which end you are entering from. I walked the dog over the top and left Dave to the claustrophobic black…


Moore Cheshire on The Bridgewater Canal

Passing through the small village of Moore..just about to go under Moore bridge on the way to Manchester..the scenic route!! Lots of duck activity and beautiful Rhododendrons in flower..


Rochdale canal & Beetham Tower Manchester

Half nine & still quite light..Lovely Manchester sky over the Beetham Tower which is the tenth tallest building in the United Kingdom and the tallest building in the UK outside London. This is the first lock out of Manchester (but actually the last lock on the canal being lock number 92) on the Rochdale canal which climbs out of Manchester and leads eventually to the Pennine hills and lovely towns such as Hebden & Sowerby Bridge. The railway lines centre picture have a Metrolink train (higher) and a North…


Not so secret anymore!!

Burrows Bridge No 85 on the Shropshire Union canal in Cheshire The sign refers to The Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker. The site was first used in WW2 and a bunker built in the 1950's, after use as a military air traffic control centre it was abandoned until the Home Office took it over and rebuilt the bunker as a Regional Government HQ, one of 17 throughout the UK designed to enable government to continue in the aftermath of a major nuclear attack on the UK. It was abandoned in 1992 at the end of the col…

Kings College Cambridge

Wonderful early evening sky & people wandering and sitting outside King College, which is right in the middle of the beautiful city of Cambridge .

Industrial wasteland

Took this last year going up the Ryders green flight of locks on the Walsall canal..this year the whole lot has been levelled making way for some brownfield development...houses I would imagine.

125 MPH..backwards up the West Coast mainline-2

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