Duncan Harris' photos

  • Orange rail

    For the Guess Where London group; promise to be more diligent in checking answers from now...

  • Through the trees

    So where in London is this?

  • Chalk Hill Blue

    Taken at the Olympic Park, Stratford.

  • Chalk Hill Blue

    Taken at the Olympic Park, Stratford.

  • Red Poppy

    Some selective colour at the Olympic Park, Stratford.

  • Olympic Stadium Panorama

    View from the Olympic Park at Stratford.

  • London Skyline

    View downstream from London Bridge just after dark.

  • Portrait

    A retouched version of a photo of Judy taken some time ago.

  • The Dome

    The O2 Arena (Dome) in north Greenwich, seen from East India Dock.

  • The Thames and the Shard

  • Open Road

    I suppose this could have been taken years ago; the rare sight of Nottingham Road, Melton almost deserted except for a vintage MG; lovely September sunshine too.

  • Lights

    These caught my eye at Camden Lock Market..

  • Rush Hour Rainbow

    Looking through static traffic at a rainbow over St Mary's church, Sheffield today.

  • More Lavender

    Another view of the Gardens at Burghley Park, Lincolnshire.

  • Lloyds Building

    In the City of London

  • Machinery

  • Red Berries

    Arum italicum

  • Shades

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