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  • Waves - by Camelliasuman

    A woman is continuously approached by men and society like the sea waves. She is never left alone.

  • Veiled - by Camelliasuman

    She wants to see the sun and feel its warmth, but her view is obstructed by her veil.

  • The Wait - by Camelliasuman

    A lover waits for her beloved in anticipation and excitement.

  • The Mystiques - by Camelliasuman

    The Bauls are a mysterious musical tribe and their songs have greatly influenced Tagore’s poetry and music.

  • The last sleep - by Camelliasuman

    Facing a poisonous life is much more fearful than facing death..

  • The First Touch - by Camelliasuman

    This portrays my feelings and emotions when I touched her for the first time.

  • The Calm Durga - by Camelliasuman

    Goddess Durga, the slayer of demons, also has a calm side to her as portrayed here.

  • the arranged marriage - by Camelliasuman

    a perfect bond between a very wise and elder man Maheswara and an extremely beautiful and young and elegant Parvati..

  • She Waits for Me - by Camelliasuman

    Though we have gone our separate ways, I know that she still waits for me to return to her arms.

  • Shared - by Camelliasuman

    Though Draupadi weds Arjun, she is bedded by all the Pandava brothers in an ironic twist of fate.

  • ripple-2 - by Camelliasuman

    "... ceaseless turmoil seething"...ripples of strong negative emotions are around us..

  • ripple-1 - by Camelliasuman

    Floated midway on the ripples the lotus stands soft but steady ..holding it head high..(as if a woman stands straight against all odds)

  • My Dream - by Camelliasuman

    I had a cycle back then, and i wished I had a bike that I could ride with her holding me close.

  • My Cycle - by Camelliasuman

    I loved my cycle as it allowed me to share close proximity with her as we rode on the riverside.

  • Mind Games - by Camelliasuman

    Politics is not limited to the Parliament, it is everywhere. Even the Pandavas used politics to succeed.

  • Let’s Party! - by Camelliasuman

    All of us friends partied hard under the moonlit night. It was awesome.

  • In Love - by Camelliasuman

    On a bright sunny day, two goats express their love for each other under the shade of the trees.

  • I Love You - by Camelliasuman

    The emotions that you feel when she says ‘yes’ are as limitless as the ocean. Your love has been requited.

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